Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Harassing and Interdicting.

This type of weaponry has been used against me for the last five days continuously for about six or seven times a day in increments of ten minutes each: 

On the pain scale, imagine the worst pain you've ever experienced in your life, and then at least double or triple it. Some kind of sonic frequency is now inexplicably being given off not only on this tooth in mention:

but also radiating outwards very noticeably from my lower/jaw area/under one of my lower front right side teeth as well, which is completely new. I even telepathically "heard" a man a couple of days ago asked me on a scale of 1 to 11, 11 being the worst, what it felt like and then he proceeded to *****fiddle with the pain scale and lower and raise the pain in increments***** to seemingly test the hardware.

You have to research synthetic telepathy for you to understand this, layman average Joe reader, no I am not a crazy person, this felt very military, here's more on that,  do I have to spoon feed you everything, no wait, don't answer that, apparently I do:

and of course, the article dutifully and incorrectly goes on to say that it will be "15 to 20 years before the technology is a reality" (complete nonsense).

I hated this man and everyone behind this doing this to me but I was held captive to his ability to stop the pain. Eventually he did, only to have the pain sear through me about ten minutes later and then the whole cycle of pain started again.

This I know to be connected to the thing in my tooth that I have written about and talked about extensively for years.

No question in my mind, and not up for debate. 

I have had at least seven dentists, a radiologist, and surgeon (Dr. Roger Leir, actually) look at this "filling" (they didn't know what else to call it) that had no need to be there nor did I have any memory of having it put in, and none of them knew what the hell it was. Not a one of them had a clue. 
Dr. Leir died three months after him seeing my dental x-rays and his advice before dying was to get a CAT scan and have the tooth ripped out. 

I did not want the added radiation nor did I want to rip the tooth out because I know damned well that as soon as you remove something, "They" (whomever they is) will replace it within 24 hours and just to punish you, will make the activation process as hellish and as physically and psychologically painful as possible. That's my direct personal experience with these types of things, at any rate.

This thing has been on the back of my tooth since at least 2003. Well, this week it got fully activated if it wasn't already "fully" activated to begin with. It is not friendly. It is not there to help me. It is not there to make me a better person.
 It hurts.

I have found the disbelief and deer-in-the-headlights incredulity from people to be true as well in the sentiments echoed here: 

You just don't want to believe, it's so horrible! And yet, it's real, in spite of your collective and individual cognitive dissonance. You just CAN'T BELIEVE there are people on the planet who want to do this to whistleblowers, people who've pissed someone off, or just an innocent civilian who's done nothing! 

You want to believe this is IMPOSSIBLE, John/Jane Q. Public. It isn't. 
Until there is a public consensus for this, not only by people who are actually being electronically tortured, but by the general public as well- for the human rights violations alone, people should be looking at this - nothing, nothing will be done about it. People will go up in arms about 149 people at Guantanamo, and they should, but no one seems to realize that this silent torture that is torturing isolating and immobilizing thousands of people daily in the US alone, and that is because of a deliberate media blackout and disinfo campaign to make anyone who steps forward complaining of said torture to be called crazy. 

And yet, in spite of this lack of action, you could easily be the next target. 

Oh well! 


  1. Solaris Blue Raven has talked extensively about similar things which have happened to her. Have you ever tried contacting her?

  2. Yes. She threatened me and psychically attacked me. That woman is not only false in saying she has "completely" "deprogrammed" herself from mind control, she is one of the worst harassers on the block. She rolled her eyes when Miles Johnston asked her about me in an interview and is one of many mind controlled slaves who think I am "false", "doing this for attention" and "a mindless show off". I can't believe there are people insane enough in this predicament that we all find ourselves in to think that anyone would want attention through this format, but that's usually the excuse people in this field give who don't like me/are jealous (???? of WHAT???), etc. That anyone would be jealous of my predicament or think I was "riding their coattails" or something is absolutely mentally ill. I wouldn't wish what's happened on anyone. But they wish it plenty on me. Not doing a "poor me", just speaking from experience. There's a lot of two minute hates directed against me in this weird half-lit hell we all have to share here. I wish her well, she attacked me psychically. And not very well I might add. I sent her running with her tail between her legs. She's a very sick woman who's head is very twisted. Someone has done something very awful to her and it's completely demented her relationship with humanity. That happens a lot with TIs. I try hard to maintain mine. It's hard. The attackers main aim is to completely degrade you and remove all trust. They place handlers and distractors and water-muddiers in your way continually. Erin Green Hicks was placed in Kerry Cassidy's way at the notorious Super Soldier Summit to distract and confuse any testimony I would give about memories of Canada as a child/mind control programs. The Illuminati have many decoys and fakes they throw in the public's view after a real deal gives an interview in order to distract and deflect and de-legitimize the legitimate person's testimony. This has happened to me many times. Solaris is really being mind controlled, but she is a liar when she says she is "free" from mind control. Blessings, Anya

  3. Anya,

    I am terribly sorry that you were going through this. I will do my very best to send you love and light

    1. Thank you dear. Your kind words mean a lot. I do appreciate it so much. Blessings, Anya

  4. That's too bad. Being a little familiar with both of your stories I thought the two of you would easily find some common ground and be able to strengthen the case for and bring more attention to milabs, synthetic telepathy, and all sorts of nefarious activities that our secret government/military are involved in. I did find it odd when I sent a message to Solaris recommending you as a guest for her Revolution Radio show last year, only to receive a reply from her in which she called you a major fraud and had no interest in you. To be perfectly honest, part of the reason that I replied to your post today was due to the curiosity I had regarding her attitude towards you. I guess I have my answer now! I have always gotten a very strong impression that she is still indeed very "damaged" and this is only a little more confirmation. Anyway, thank you very much for taking the time to clear things up for me. I wish you all the best Anya.

    1. Yeah. She had no basis for why she thought I was a fraud as well. Absolutely none. No detailed analysis, no answer. Because she can't provide one. I of course reached out to her as soon as several people recommended I check out her interviews/story and I was resonating with some of it, and out of sheer goodwill introduced myself and wished her well. She did some passive aggressive thing initially where she was fake "nice" and said some BS thing like "I have to preserve my energy so I stay away from people and considers myself a "lone wolf" (which was a red flag right there, a total "lone wolf" programming alert for me, Andy Pero has the same type of wiring and he threatened my life, people who are being heavily mind controlled like her do not use that term repeatedly or use wolf images as she so copiously does at random) and then I emailed her again saying we should try to work together to figure this thing out, that our stories had serious similarities, and maybe we could try to find more people like us to work together to find a lawyer or something, and she instantly *flipped out* and said "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, THIS IS MY FINAL WARNING, DEFENSE INITIATIVES WILL BE ACTIVATED IF YOU CONTINUE TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME" etc etc- I mean her reaction was *so* over the top as to be almost comical if she hadn't threatened me with violence. Then she proceeded to attack me psychically even though all I did in response was "I'm sorry if you can't handle this interaction. I wish you well" or something to that effect. So that's Solaris!

    2. And thank you so much for your kind words of support.

    3. Unfortunately, pretty much every single one of the mind controlled super soldiers and MILABs and Tis I've met have some weird post hypnotic thing going on that literally causes them to go ballistic if you so much as mention anything about taking our cases to a lawyer, attempting to put this in a court of law. It's a built in program that I guess didn't take with me, but of course they all think I'm working for THEM whomever THEM is. I'm not. I'm being held against my will as much as the next guy. I swore to tear down this apparatus if I can that did this to me and to expose ruthlessly each and every single person who has tortured me. For some reason my programming is different. I seem to be the only one genuinely interested in putting this in a court of law. Everyone else seems to be more interested in sharing war stories of their torture and doing nothing about it. Pissing contests tend to be more the rule of law with people like her and others. That's not them speaking when that happens, however, so I try to have compassion for them even when they are gnawing on my arm.

  5. Michelle, thank you so much for your kind words.

  6. Anya, take on all the spirits who have bad intentions. Take them all down.