Saturday, June 20, 2015

The US Army is making telepathic soldiers right now.

Illustration: Sam Kennedy

The dismissive way this article mocks "clairvoyants" (quotes: author of article) is infuriating but typical. The people behind this "rest assured, this is 100% safe technology, no one will abuse it whatsoever" and the way people who are being tortured by surface-to-brain tech are treated mockingly/dismissively in the article too is infuriating, but also again all too familiar treatment by the mainstream press. But then again, this is Discover Magazine. They used to be owned by Time, Inc. and are run and owned now by Kalmbach Publishing, the President of which is Mr. Charles R. Croft, who is straight up Illuminati/Mason, so he's upholding the longstanding tradition of the Masons to keep this information tightly controlled/framed a certain way and to promote this mind control/invasive tech on the public as "100% safe and assuredly does NOT invade anyone's privacy". Like. Hell. 

The thing in my tooth is connected to synthetic telepathy and flat out physical torture and in fact physically tortured me for a week straight just over a year ago today:

 This article is bullshit in the extreme. The telepathic tech that exists behind the scenes is eons ahead of this five-year old kiddie pool garbage. But hey. Whatever floats yer boat, Army and paid research grant stooges. It never stopped you from floating your boat all over me. 

Interesting as well that all this research is in the state of New York- where I just happen to live! 
No "coincidence" there as well, I'm sure.

Oh, and here's the update from a past post where not one but two dentists tell me that the only way this thing on the back of my tooth could have been applied would have been at the onset of my adult set of teeth, around the age of 5 or 6. So again, this technology is nothing new. I know I look young, but I am in my 40s:

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