Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bilderberg Group - Does It Matter If They're Lizards? Russell Brand The ...

Shit, Russell, I happen to believe there are dark forces that mind control/possess certain heads of state, if you wanna call them Reptilians, be my guest, but I still approve of your message. 

What you're referring to- "reptilians", some call them Jinn, some say they are possessed, there's all kinds of terms bandied about.

But there is ample evidence that there IS a direct connection/correlation between the invocation and worshipping of demonic spirits (whether as a "mere" initiation or otherwise regular practice) and the sociopathy of old boys networks vis a vis things like Skull & Bones, The Bilderberg Group, etc. 

Something does and can take over your being if you summon it. If you deliberately do things like Goetian magick and think it's all a goof like your friend (and mutual acquaintance of mine) Daniel Pinchbeck did to further his career, you WILL in fact be possessed by said forces. Duh. 

I've seen it in real time many times with black magicians who have tried Goetian and other forms of demon summoning, and have had people acknowledge to me, some of them women Pinchy's slept with/dated who said-- literally-- that he ***literally summoned a demon and made a deal with him to further his career and it worked.*** 

He made a stipulation that the demon never show up when his daughter was around and that seems to be the case as well according to mutual friend's reports. 

But I personally have also experienced said demon in action working through Pinchbeck, who, after doing a group reading with him and other fancy people present for six hours (which he stuck around for the entire time), and asked for the PRINCELY sum of $30 a head for the experience, Pinchy questioned my morality as to "why" I was charging money for something this spiritual, shouldn't I be doing it for free? 

And when I asked him why he doesn't give his books away for free and why does he do book tours, and why does he promote his books on Coast to Coast AM and basically any media outlet he can get his hands on, he said "I'm on a spiritual journey and want to share with people my mission". 
To which I said "Right. So you're on a spiritual journey that just HAPPENS to make you money and I am just a money grubbing unethical person." 

  I did in fact at that time notice a little creepy fella perched on his left shoulder and mentioned to his said girlfriend later on about it and she said, and I quote: "He did a demon summoning ceremony to further his career and it worked". Not one but two women he knows--very-- intimately have in fact confirmed this for me independently.

 Yes, new agers, hate-comment your defense of your beloved Reality Sandwich guru away. 
I don't care. Dude really did commit himself willfully and knowingly to a demon to further his career. That's not up for debate.
Your leader of all things 2012/Mayan Calendar and Russell Brand's friend Pinchy is 100% possessed by a demon.

 So if lil' ol' him's doing it, rest assured the "elite" have caught on to this very real phenomenon too and have DEFINITELY been using this technique to catch more flies with honey than you can shake a stick at. For eons.

Oh, and while we're at it, I'm gonna out another person who is either held sway by the Powers That Be, a possession of some kind or another, and/or is just a flat-out cloaked reptilian herself:

Phebe Novakovic, head of General Dynamics

This woman is owned: Purchased by demons, whatever you wanna call it-- I mean literally, in the Occult ritual possession sense, she is owned:

Oh and what a surprise, she's a former intelligence officer! Just like Aleister Crowley was. 
Not sayin', just sayin'... 

Not surprisingly, this is the woman who was probably, most likely the basis for the character Nina Sharp in the tv show Fringe. She is played by the great Blair Brown, who, on the show is the director of a company not unlike General Dynamic called the unbelievably hidden and hard to connect the dots name of 

Now who would know without insider information about this otherwise stuff?

I'm sorry, but working with Hollywood producer/writer types, mostly they really are clueless- the ones who ARE clued in however, are usually clued in by big insiders with big insider information, usually intelligence-based. 

I'm not kidding. 

This goes on a lot and I know people who know that I know that they know and they know I know etc etc and they just HAPPEN to also know/are close, personal friends with former intelligence directors of the CIA like R. James Woolsey, who wrote papers personally condemning my grandfather and who also just HAPPENS to, on record, behind and in front of the scenes, be intensely interested in UFOs/advanced/exotic technology and all things psychic/mind control:, so I am not joking/this is not random.

(Again, big ups to the awesome JJ Abrams for going there! Love you! I think you are actually doing great work at exposing the Illuminati Great Work. Keep going there.You're gettin' it, Kemosabe. ;-)  

No connection there to "fantasy" meeting reality, I'm sure! (FYI- you really need to see the show Fringe if you haven't already. Talk about hiding in plain sight/hiding the technology at General Dynamic's and other's capabilities/inoculating the public against the reality of what our current tech and science capabilities really are. I think JJ is doing this for other reasons besides the usual Illuminati Agenda- I really do think he has a moral compass and is actually leaving Swiss cheese/pothole-sized hints that are more than just "hiding in plain sight"- but I also think that if he speaks too clearly on the matter, he has a price on his head and can be compromised at the drop of a hat, so for now, does his bidding of his corporate masters. But not for much longer, I think.

For more on the Hollywood Magicians/coverup/inoculation program of the masses, see this:


  1. Something i've noticed, the ones in power and corrupt, are much more blatant about their actions at attempt of control....which i interpret that they fear no consequences of their actions anymore. It does seem as if they are immune to emotions or empathy towards others. Legislation, laws, initiatives are getting so aggressive. The media has been heavily controlled and filtered for sometime now, so it doesn't surprise me that news would be quick to label those that question and downplay what is be pushed through beyond the public's awareness. I hope people are learning to seek information online thru alternative news sources...

    I watched the entire show of Fringe, it certainly grew on me as time went on. much is hidden plain site in tv shows, movies and the entertainment industry. It some ways, what we live now, is a more complex and intriguing sci-fi story we could ever imagine. lol. Do i think it's possible aliens, lower energy entities, possessions are involved with some of these agendas? certainly, it would help explain their complete lack of empathy for mankind. I do not read the bible, but some passages i have seen...could easily reflect the elite and the agendas that are compromising our lives and this planet...

    A question: Alex Jones was shown in the vid....What is your take on him? I will give him credit, he did trigger my first steps in my awakening (with the movie End Game - seeing the bigger picture), but he is someone I avoid reading now, i feel he is great at generating fear, usually with no direction for solutions. I think he does have truths scattered throughout his presentations...but my instincts tell me, he should not be trusted. In my opinion, if he was truly a truth-seeker, he would have already been killed. What is your opinion about him? Thanks! :)

  2. Many attack Alex Jones as one, but he is real. He is always going on about solutions. Do not comply with NWO evil, heaps of anti attack stuff on our health etc...You have Alex mixed up with fat middle age chick groupie gushing of mommas boy, and VIP (valueless indignant parasite) Russel Brand is a sure no solutions plant and post turtle 'everybody just be nice' while I count the millions I scammed from these clueless schmucks while I talks and acts about poverty. Feigning an air of authority on about anything. Charm by flattery, veeze dum slappers luv ett! Ok geezer! I bet he can't fix anything, from changing a tap washer to a flat tyre, like real every day stuff. Fear mongering? No, just telling it how it is. Shall we do the Haka now? Vat'll sort 'em won't it? Ahh the cult of victimhood and uselessness.

  3. Um, you seem to be really hung up on something I can't quite grasp as the venom and bile is just spewing in a 360 degree action, kind of like those spin paint art toys they had when I was young. Colorful bile, but bile nonetheless. But if processing your feelings helped by spewing, I'm super glad. I hope you feel better now, and thanks!