Monday, January 18, 2016

Sibling Spiritual Attacks, Rivalry, Abuse - Family Disputes

I'm not a religious person, but this is an epic sermon. Thank you for testifying, whomever this person is. Thank you for this beautiful speech for anyone who survived dysfunctional families and the little-talked about issue of sibling abuse who routinely backstab you/abuse you/betray you and then expect loyalty because: "family".

If the religious language makes you uncomfortable, replace it with "inner guidance", "Love",
"self-esteem", " healthy boundaries"
 "well-being", and "health, wellness, sanity and sovereignty". 




  1. family or not, an abusive person will abuse. it ia a flaw spiritually, mentally that causes these behaviors. also i think that a lot of cases are due to one being a "spiritual" or "Energy" vampire, they need to cause suffering, fear, anger, to feed their own demons. they need help, but some times you just cant handle it alone. *peace love and light to us all