Thursday, March 15, 2018

Counterdependent Narcissistic Misogynistic Men

My stepfather sat me and my brother down once when I was 10 and told us that if we didn't follow "the rules" of the house (counter dependent men love THE RULES, arbitrary and conforming absolutely to their needs and no one else's) then we would be, and I quote "out of the house". 

You can imagine what precedent this sent to a 10-year old's panicked mind. 

That is abuse, by the way. 

Of course he claims to not remember it nor did my mother  remember this event, ever. 
Of course not, she left the room on purpose when he told us to sit down. Because she was a codependent enabler with narcissistic traits herself. 

Threatening your children is never a good idea. Just FYI. He was paranoid, suspicious, told me many times throughout my life that he didn't believe me, about anything, and LOVED to say "well, what did you expect?" with the facial expression of contempt on his face that had about as much empathy of a psychopath when I would invariably make a mistake. 

Whatta guy. And he loved to blame everything on my narcissistic sperm donor dad. Men who cannot take responsibility for anything ARE ABUSERS. 

Ladies, men: avoid them like the plague if you can.
 It WILL screw your life up. 

Blessings, A- 

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