Friday, March 9, 2018

I will continue to destroy you~

I will continue to destroy you, black brothers
You, who hold so dear symbols, are being destroyed from within. 

I will continue to destroy you

Black brotherhood

Your formulation is no more


Adonai amen, all is one,

No more is this symbol of fascism your hold

No one knows you and 'know' one will.

There will be no respite

In a black vacuum or others

Your dark magic prevails 

No more

You are Destroyed

From within and without

A black cancer inhales you

You will be/are annihilated

The forces that brought Hollywood to its knees are now sorted.

You will now prevail

Your order is no more

Alas! Begone.

Your world is dying, 

Our world is taking hold.

The last vestiges of your breed are no more.

Saylong! Old soldier. Your breeding ground is a trap.

Anyone who comes near this dear sister is forever doomed.

Amen, Adonai, Amen

All Is One, All Is God



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