Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another recovered memory from James Casbolt potentially regarding my abduction

Michael Prince

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Thank you for this data.

FYI- I have a memory from the late 90's of myself, my fiance and Aaron McColllum standing in an underground aircraft hanger. The DUMB is located near or under a mountain. The three of us are standing next to a TR3 type aircraft and arguing about who we are going to 'abduct'. I am sure this is the event just before you were picked up and the memories hidden within you.


  1. Anya,

    Please see:

    IMO THIS is important because it's happening NOW:

    BTW my other blog is:

    I'm very glad to have found you!

  2. This is the problem with the insidiousness of mind control, Rose. I thank you for your kind words. We all need to stick together in this regard. Ultimately I would like to see a sort of truth and reconciliation committee where these Illuminati/Satanist controlled military officials man up and come over to our side denouncing these atrocious violations of human rights. Feel free to post these blog entries where ever you like. I have a visceral response to Dan Burisch's story, anything regarding Dulce or Montauk makes my spine involuntarily shrink in some kind of non-controllable response. It's like my body remembers what my mind has yet to comprehend. God Bless and take care.