Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Message for Aaron McCollum and James Casbolt

NOTE: The problem I have with these people is the posting of September of last year on JC's facebook page that I had been involved in covert programs with him as well as Aaron McCollum and others. Max is also on that list. My beef if I have one is that James dumped this info on my plate and then refused to engage further thus putting me in a very bad state. Aaron as well has been unbelievably disappointing in his response to all of this, resulting in him hanging up on me many times when I was in distress because he thought I was being inane and disregarded my pleas for information time and time again. This is not about IBIS or James posting anything about his experiences. I wish him peace too, but for some reason, his idea of "peace" involves jumping out of TR3s and shooting people according to one account. Again, Aaron refuses to pick up the ball on any of this and I am left high and dry completely to my own devices. In my personal opinion and in my direct, personal experience, James Casbolt has been incredibly irresponsible in leaking this information to the parties involved (including me) and then walking away. Believe it or not, I have no hard feelings against you, James, but you have done zilch in the way of follow up and I have had my life completely upended by being told that I was in this with you, Aaron McCollum and others. This IBIS post should give you an idea of the hell this man has gone through and possibly myself if indications are to be believed, I have no idea. But I need to know in a way that doesn't leave me virtually lobotomized in shock. Please offer me solutions here. All the supersoldiers I have been in contact with are really good about dishing info, but they tend to be lacking in follow through.

Aaron barely speaks to me as a result of this fateful Facebook posting and thinks it is "made up" and says he won't give it energy. He also has displayed palpable contempt that at least one other person is lumped in with him and thinks he's making this claim up that he is a supersoldier as well. So much for unity and cooperation!

James and Aaron, we need to talk, because you've both done a shit-poor job of doing followup so far. You know how to reach me. 

And if it's not IBIS specifically, then it is definitely other programs. But reading this information triggered me, which probably is not random. I am also supposedly most likely in a psi program called "Valkyrie" among others.

I am sure what James thinks he's doing is responsible, but by not answering my questions, he further creates oportunities for me to be damaged by this. Being in the dark and not being offered solutions, but being told that you are involved with something this deep black cannot be viewed as anything less than the equivalent of giving a child scissors and being told to run as hard and as fast as you can with them. My attempts at trying to find out what exactly has happened have resulted in me being punished, and a lot. Max Spiers and I were invovled and I believe that was a remote influenced relationship with the regressives orchestrating that. If you are as close to Max as you say you are, James, you should have told me that he had a domestic violence record, as well as a prison record. He's also completely insane. The result of our pairing was just as the Powers That Be would have imagined. You are not the only one struggling with this craziness, James. You need to offer more assistance than you have. If it is incredibly dangerous to be given too much information too soon, then why bother telling me in the first place? Offer alternatives, then. Offer people I can speak to who can help with the deprogramming process.

Additionally, even though Aaron becomes completely incensed by people who are not in the military claiming supersoldier status (even though I would never seek out calling myself that or any label), he still sent me documents that at the top of the page stated very clearly "The MILAB phenomenon is essentially a supersoldier program". So Aaron, there are many people in these types of situations who may not have killed entire villages including women and children as you have, but that doesn't mean we aren't in the same programs you are.

And by the way, if you seek legitimacy, Aaron, I don't think the best way to do it is by championing people like George fucking Kavassilas.


  1. Hi Anya, Rolland here!

    Whew, I don't know how I came across this video of James Casbolt yesterday evening. I actually watched a few minutes of James speaking then apparently fell asleep. I woke up this morning and watched the rest. When he started talking about Nelson, BC tears started forming and my body seemed to seize up on me. Seems too eerily familiar to me. The other odd thing is that I am building a house on 33 acres 2 hours south of Nelson, BC, in NE WA. Anyways, after listening to the video, I did a search for 'James Casbolt project ibis". Then I found this blog. So here we meet again. I see you are having similar feelings of distress about being told that you took part in black ops programs, but then not having much follow up after the fact on explaining what the hell all this is about. I was told by you through a coincidental facebook meeting that I participated in these black ops programs with you, Aaron and others. I then paid for a reading with you and you proceeded to tell me more details about operations in the Northwest and when I was in Mexico for 8 months. I have not been able to remember any of these situations with my own consciousness. I did consult with another intuitive, without mentioning to her any leading information. She said that I have been regularly abducted since I was a kid. Does that make sense to me? Sort of, I don't remember any of my childhood accept certain very vivid 'nightmirish' dreams and very vivid feelings of falling into my body in a very abrupt and scary manner, usually ending up with me waking up and screaming. Until I met you, I wrote the 'missing time' in my life off as just my bad memory. Since then the rabbit hole has been unraveling itself very slowly. It'd be nice if I could get clarity on my participation in any of this. My life is led right now for one purpose of decentralizing our current power structure through shining a bright light on the underlying systemic problems that exist in our current socio-economic systems. So this has led me to working with engineers/inventors who are working on "Free Energy" devices, water structuring, rife type healing technology, anastasia type food production, safe/healthy/sustainable building etc etc etc. I am working with people who have had guns put to their head and much more by whoever are the dark knights that do the bidding of the OPEC/Banking/Pharma/Elitist powers that be. One has to wonder if I really did participate in these black ops, was I ever tasked with missions to suppress free energy technology inventors? Now all I can think about is getting sustainable freeing energy technology to the masses. One can only wonder. I will be doing some major regression work in the near future to see if some of these answers can be pulled from my subconscious. I appreciate your honesty with me Anya. Sounds like we're in a similar boat, looking for clarity. Any more information you have concerning my involvement will always be appreciated and as I continue to find out more myself I will inform you of any insights I have. Also, can you tell me your views on George Kavassilas? I looked into his information last year, but haven't recently. He seemed harmless, whats up with him in your view? Hope you're well Anya! (ha, interestingly enough, when I pushed "pot comment" it erased all I had written!! Luckily I copied what I had wrote, right before I pushed "post comment" and was able to save what I wrote. I'm used to having electronic communication issues whenever I look into these subjects, remember the reading? ha!!)

  2. George Kavilassis has said that he believes the Galactic Federation of Light to be "The Great Deceivers". I intuited (and I think correctly) that he is the victim of an ongoing campaign with channelers to receive massive disinfo in order to divide and conquer us. He has a lot of spiritual arrogance, much as A'shayana Deane does. To indict the collective of beings as "deceivers" is a bit much. As I have said many times, I don't like channelers. I especially don't like channelers who have to get charts and graphs out to explain "ascension mechanics". Beware strangers bearing gifts and also beware strangers who "know everything" like George very smugly does, and "has it all figured out". In my experience, nobody knows nuthin'. You need to be just as skeptical of the people who say off world beings are "deceivers" as much as you need to have healthy skepticism of that same person who, not five years earlier was ringing their very praises. He's like Leo Zagami to me. Can't trust what he says with a ten foot pole. In my opinion and what I have intuited, George has been the victim of a smear campaign/electronic gang stalking by the CIA with the use of psychotronic weaponry to make him the way he is. There is probably a very good pedestrian reason for why the voices in his head are telling him to do things against his best, highest interests, and it probably could lead back to intel and microwave weaponry before it would be the Galactic Federation. Show me a channeler who hasn't been manipulated at one time or another and I will show you a liar and a fraud. It's an occupational hazard of the job we have inhereted as channels to occasionally get intel messing with us. There is no "protection prayer" that can protect you from microwave weaponry. I have tried, believe me. The microwave is stronger than the prayer. If you are a person of interest, and George indeed is because he was starting to get a following, then you will be targeted at some point. If you don't have something the Powers That Be want, you won't be bug-eyed and sweating in a follow up video about the Galactic Federation being "deceivers". I am more worried first and foremost about what my fellow man does to people than anything off-world beings are doing to us. A lot of channelers are being deceived by regrettably simple methods that they are remote influenced to perceive as something far more grandiose than what the thing actually is. Don't just go with what I am saying here. Do the research yourself and decide if that is what is happening. I immediately picked up that George was a CIA target as part of the ongoing infiltration of the new age communities of the world, but that's just me.

  3. And further evidence of Aaron McCollum showing a massive lapse in good judgement by going on radio shows with George and villifying the CIA-infiltration of new age conferences (well duh, they've been doing that for years, this is news?) instead of focusing on what he should be focusing on which is the whole supersoldier thing and exposing the underground facilities and ***helping the people he abducted*** like myself. Instead he goes off flirting with Michael Tellinger and others he's sycophantically wooing over and traipsing about while also saying hurtful, ill-informed, programmed things like "James Rink is not in the programs with me, and you were never in the programs with me, Anya" and then hanging up on me.

  4. I should clarify: I don't like and/or resonate with *most* channels. I never took a class on this, I never sought it out consciously, it happened to me. So I will never understand people who are so gung ho about learning how to channel. When people ask me "how do you learn how to channel?" I say "Get abducted by aliens!" I have no idea how it was that I started doing this, nor do I find it all that interesting a topic, believe it or not. It's kind of like fixating on becoming the world's best court stenographer, which is kind of the job I really see myself as doing, more than being a "mystic" of any sort. You really have a jones for stenography that much? Be my guest, go to town if it floats your boat, but I've got a zillion other things I'd rather be interested in than the ability to faithfully record messages. I did plenty of desk jobs before this and much of it was about leaving messages for people. I don't know why this is all that different, lol