Friday, February 18, 2011

James Casbolt's response, thank you James.


Ok, just felt a need to add this. Since so many people can't seem to get enough of this/are endlessly fascinated with this drama queen who completely messed with my head, abused me, and traumatized me, I will give you my take on what happened here with hindsight being 20/20- James Casbolt is a malignant narcissist with anti-social personality disorder most likely. He is a sadist and a predator of the highest order who likes to pick on empaths and vulnerable people like myself as I very much was in this situation, for years, and make a meal of them. 

At first he WAS cordial, there was no hint of the racist, violent and troubled woman-hating/decimating animal that lurked within and later harassed over 100 women according to police reports, including myself, for several years. He also had a big crush on me, and tried to get me into an extramarital affair with him, which I obviously declined. He employed gangstalking techniques that included many of his minions, including techniques that caused him to go to jail-- where I hope he stays for a very long time. 

He is not a nice man. He is not whole. He is a very damaged human. I regret ever saying that we should "respect" people like him in my Bases interview, because the words were of course misconstrued. What I meant is, we should respect when we come in contact with dangerous people like this so we can observe them and learn from them so we never have to come in contact with people like this ever again. Him and Max Spiers both are malignant narcissists at the very least. (Who also verbally, emotionally, and physically abused me and harassed me while at the same time grifted me into moving into my home for six regrettable, utterly traumatizing weeks of my life.) 

THAT SAID however, they also know how to hypnotize people, are experts at black magick, know how to place spells on people,  are highly dissociative, definitely have at least one, maybe more personality disorders, are both drug addicts (both were heroin fiends and Max was into speed balling for over a decade and were both in and out of rehab), both have domestic violence and prison records, Max's dad has deep ties to the intelligence community/CIA and routinely would have to flee the country for what Max and his sister Becky called "vacations" to Greece that were actually the whole family laying low for extended periods of time, I don't know about James for sure, but if he's a con artist about the drug dealing for MI5/MI6 that he claims, he sure knows the lingo down to the letter/has chillingly resonant things he said to me/had contacts in think tanks - one named Lincoln who really is a real person with an above top secret background -- I said military earlier, not 100% sure about that, but I think an intelligence background of some kind at the very least who now wants nothing to do with James. Both James and Max-- as most malignant narcissists are -- were charismatic enough to create armies of followers to do their bidding. 

I don't know what the real story is with Casbolt. He's probably a grifter like most narcopaths can be. But there were repeatedly things he said to me that placed a chill of recognition up my spine that were need-to-know names, dates, places/locations, terms that he couldn't have got other than through his high-end military/think tank contacts. So if he was "just a grifter", he was also able to con military intel people as well as people working at agencies with secure clearances. Not saying that's not possible, but there's more to Cas's story than meets the eye. 

Narcissists like me. I have a history of unfortunately wanting to believe the best in people, and manipulators and controllers and abusers tend to find that as much catnip as they have found my empathy for them irresistible and they have taken advantage of that goodwill time and time again. But no one has been as bad as Casbolt and Max. No one. They take the cake. And many people- including so-called "super soldiers" who know them and have also spent time with them, will also readily admit to me that these people also caused years of havoc for them personally too, they just won't talk about it publicly to save face and keep up the illusion of a united front.

The weird thing was however, that Casbolt was the only person talking about COM-12 publicly- this was years before this shadow agency was mentioned in Anthony Sanchez's book UFO Highway, the only other place I know where this very rarely mentioned, but very real faction has been talked about. So the question mark remains. I believe personally Casbolt was sent to discredit me/and/or disable me so that I would stop talking/be compartmentalized/reduced to insignificance. It worked. My life was a shambles after knowing him, the CPTSD I had went into full bloom, and for years he had people like Donald Marshall, who is certifiable, and Michael Hemmingson, who claims he has a background in game theory and who faked his death to get away from charges of stalking and harassment for many whistleblowers in the MILAB/super soldier community were some of my chief abusers/stalkers/harassers. 

I believe people like James Rink-- who I do think is absolutely in an above top secret mind control program of some kind, also was sucked into this whirlwind and used as a "flying monkey" supporter of these people and who, while essentially a naive innocent, abused me by proxy by continually insisting online and off that I was this or that fantastic, confabulated person who did this or that in such and such underground facility/event/operation. 

Max and Casbolt both know Rink and would fill his head with confabulated lies and stories and he would just go to town on that and spew it out in the public arena, thus discrediting him fully as well, in spite of the fact that I do think he is in a real mind control program/is heavily controlled but psychic/telepathic himself. Highly programmed doesn't even cover it. Think Manchurian Candidate and you are getting close. There are MANY people who are damaged by these covert programs. Many, many, many I have met- most in Hollywood. (For more on that topic, see this:

The "crazed lone shooters" you see? Most of them are victims of these types of programs as well. They are real, and they are deadly. The architects of these programs don't just wave a pocket watch in front of these people's faces and tell them "You are getting very sleepy" to achieve what they are doing, either. They are very sophisticated, and if they want someone to go full-tilt bug out because they've said too much, they will. 

They know how to make them look foolish like James too and make them "fall down" by injecting post-hypnotic suggestions/create alters/programs to make them, say, white supremacist satanist pigs, when their programming breaks down. Kind of like what happened with James. Just so you know, when James was telling me about Ellis Richards, he wasn't like that. He was very respectful. Very kind. And then, without warning, he turned on me shortly after. I don't know what happened. At all. Well, I have some vague ideas. But you'd be surprised how they block the data about that in me as well. Like I said- the black ops world is psychic ***but also*** knows the psychological tricks only someone at a level like Darren Brown would be able to detect. It is on the next level when you talk about mind controllers in black projects. It's not kiddie pool. It's pervasive and invades every aspects of a target's life- including mine, including James's, including Max. Not saying they are innocents in this, not by a long shot. Just saying: I know what it takes to create someone in a US black ops mind control program and it is pervasive. It is not just two men telling a story and it is an industry by now. A black ops, secret cottage industry. It's an institution at this point. MK-ULTRA was just a starting point, and there were something like 159 umbrella programs for that over fifty years ago. NO it did not get shut down by the Church Committee. It just went underground.

I also know James Rink to really be collateral damage to some kind of psychic link/mind control program that probably uses copious amounts of virtual reality simulations, etc to place us all in some kind of neuro-pathic (as opposed to the term neuropathic in the traditional definition meaning "nerve damage", this would be a literal link, some kind of hook up whether by technological or other means that allows us to be as telepathic and/or linked somehow with each other as we really can be and have been- whether wittingly or not.) Unfortunately, the virtual reality is used against us as well to confuse and muddy things significantly. It is part and parcel, bread and butter if you will, to the mind control program and is used in tandem with it to create virtual control programs where the person involved in them is convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that what is happening to them, no matter how outlandish, is real. 

James Casbolt really is psychic and telepathic, though. They raise us to be that as well. Of this I can personally attest as he has psychically attacked me many times/invaded my dreams/done all kinds of hoodoo-voodoo creepy stalking weirdo crazy person bullshit.  He really is a black magician. He learned if from someone/somewhere and it wasn't from a course he found on the back of a matchbook. He learned high-level stuff most likely from a military intelligence specialist trained in this sort of thing, whether in an official or unofficial capacity. 

He definitely is very dissociative, as are all of the people I have mentioned. They all have dissociative traits and all have these weird obsessions with the underground bases, operations, etc etc etc- and yet, often they come up with protocols like I have without knowing why or how. James Rink does this a lot- he gets a chilling amount of protocol and tech right which makes me wonder how he has access to that. Yes, malignant narcissists also tend to embellish/lie about/exaggerate with military training or extraordinary martial arts/military backgrounds. But these cats really are psychic. All of them. Unfortunately. 

With that said, this is James before he went full bug-out and started harassing me. Do with that what you will. I am still sifting through the rubble trying to carry on with my life and make sense of things. 



James Casbolt has responded to my requests and his information about my role in the whole super soldier saga is trippy, even for me. He has been very kind and I don't mean to paint him like a jerk. Trust is an issue, so I don't blame him for being aloof.  What he has asked me to release is a doozie. 

I needed a little clarification from him on several points; I have enclosed his answers with his permission below his initial response as well. This is it, unvarnished, nothing was taken out. I have only altered spelling and grammar. I am eternally grateful for his reply and what he brings to the table. He is a good man and we need to pay attention to him. Thank you, James, I know how hard it has been for you.

Hi, Anya,
I had my CIA/NSA friend run your details. I'm sorry but no data regarding projects came up. So much has been destroyed but I think you are correct when you say it is hidden on some super computer. Its just a matter of finding the location of this computer.

My friend even phoned his friend but still nothing which helps much. They talked about your psychic work and said they think you can be trusted. I was informed you have no criminal history and mentioned something about your name coming up in a voters registry in New York State. ( I was slightly confused by this statement ).

I feel I can now share with my connection with you. It is very interesting you mention the word 'Lobotamy' on your new post regarding Aaron and I. During the late 90's (I think it was 1997 if my memory serves me correctly ) a man named Ellis Loyd Richards, Jr. was assassinated. 

Ellis was the head of a UN connected organisation called International Security. He was a legendary figure in the black ops community and was nicked the 'Dutchman'. He came from Michigan.

His son US Air Force Space Command Captain Mark Richards led the 'Dulce battle' special forces attack on the facility in 1979. Large numbers of women being used as breeders were rescued from the facility at the time.

When the Dutchman was alive, if people in the black ops community had a problem they would go to him and he would usually sort it out. To cut a long story, when the Dutchman was killed certain factions (most likely based around the Bilderberg group ) had practically every male and female super soldier on the planet lobotomized. We all lost our abilities and forgot who we were. We placed into civilian communities around the world. This was very sad.

We experienced personality disorders, drug and alcohol addiction problems and many other things because of this. Now here comes your role at this time- because you can 'channel' other intelligences without too much damage to your mind and body, myself and others picked you up at this time and 'placed' some of the super soldiers memories within you. We knew we didn't have long and had to keep the memories safe somehow. We knew there was a good chance the Dutchman was going to be taken out and we couldn't risk storing this data on computer.

We knew if the Dutchman was gone it would only be a matter of time before we were turned into lobotomized monkeys. I cannot remember the exact date or place where we picked you up and carried this out but its only a matter of time before I remember now I have told you this. I can say this took place on board a TR3.

My fiance ( I will not use her name due to security issues ) ended up underground at Denver after the Dutchman was taken out. This has been confirmed on file. She was part of a surrogate breeding program along with many other women. She also spent time underground at Dulce in 1999. I have been part of rescue missions at both these places.

I was able to stay on the run after the Dutchman was taken out. The only way I avoided capture was by keeping on the move in submarines. The water acted as a buffer to stop AI based computer systems from scanning my locations. I spent much time in South and Central America after the Dutchman was killed. In 2000 and 2001 I was still on the run, but come 2003 I had been captured, lobotomized and placed in a civilian community in St. Ives, Cornwall a virtual vegetable.

I would like you to go public with this data on your blog, Anya.

James Casbolt/Commander Michael Prince
CAS 997365

My follow up questions and his replies below:

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 14:34:36 -0500
Subject: Re: Important

NOTE: (This was an email address published on the Project Avalon thread so I am not violating his privacy in this regard.)


Thank you a thousand times, really. I cannot express how much your openness and transparency means to me. 

I am willing to help you in this regard by posting this, but before I can do that, I have to sort out some questions here that don't make sense on the timeline. Please answer them if you can, if you can't, no problem.

Before I ask, I just wanted to say that I have lived in New York City (in the state of New York) for 17 years at least. When a legal aged adult in the US wants to vote, they have to fill out a voter registration form, which would have me living in the state of NY so that makes perfect sense that your contacts would have found that. Also if anything from the state of Ohio comes up it's because I haven't lived in Michigan since I was two, but basically was raised and lived in Ohio from the age of 3 until I was 22. Then I moved to New York (on my 23rd birthday, actually) and have lived here ever since.

1) You personally would have taken me on a TR3 and planted these memories knowing in advance that you and others like you would be lobotomized if this Ellis fellow was taken out?

Yes. Some kind of Looking Glass technology was used at the time. It was estimated there was a high probability The Dutchman would be taken out of the game.

2) Are these memories of me in wetsuits, on board submarines, everything I've told you-- are these planted memories of your experiences? Or am I really on board these submarines with you and why?

I do know the technology used that enabled you to hide these memories within yourself was set up so no 'bleedthrough' occurred I.E. the memories you have of yourself on the subs are your timeline. 
You are not expected to remember our lives and tell us what happened. You just temporarily held something precious for us. If some kind of bleed through did occur, you would have ended up in a vegetative state in a psych ward somewhere. You have kept functioning over the years and this proves the technology worked perfectly as planned.

3)  What about the man who came in my room and told me I had a stretched uterus and then he fixed it with that light device? Am I in a breeding program for just ETs or also Illuminati/mind control programs? If you can help me separate the wheat from the chaff it would be nice. I also have time travel memories I can't quite figure out. 

 This is good question. I do not have all the answers. 

4) This all makes perfect sense in the sense that I started receiving channeled messages about a year and a half ago from a guy in Space Command who called himself "John Barkley". (Not his real name, hasn't given me his real name). He was very real and told me that his job was by any means necessary to telepathically have conversations with me for 15 minutes a day. I was completely baffled by all of this. He would do anything he could to "keep me on the line" even though I was deeply suspicious of this. He would tease me like an older brother would, and actually he was quite funny, but it never made total sense, I just thought it was the NSA messing with my head or something.

My question is: Can you tell me if Space Command are the group actually doing this series of telepathic communications and who this person is/these people are?
(You don't have to name names, just if you can tell me more about why I would be receiving telepathic messages and what this particular group in Space Command specifically is involved with. He said he worked side by side with ETs but he could have been messing with me.) 

 I'll attempt to find out who this John Barkley character is. I cannot promise anything

There are lots of recorded transcripts of these interactions I made because I would often type the conversations out as we "talked". They certainly aren't coming from an alien or angelic source, that's for sure, whomever it was communicating with me is definitely a Navy man and swears like one. The messages came to me for about six months until in one conversation I got so mad at him that I refused to receive more messages and I could feel his sadness and he backed off and hasn't spoken to me since. He said Space Command was protecting me in at least one conversation, but I didn't believe him really. I didn't know what to believe. 

I'd be interested in reading these transcripts if you want to email them to me.

5) If you took me on board a TR3 in 1999 to plant memories in me, just so you know, I wasn't channeling then. I was having psychic experiences occasionally from 1991 on, but this whole telepath/channeling thing didn't start until 2008/2009 when I had a UFO sighting and a very powerful DNA activation/awakening experience. But before that, nothing. Did you know I was going to be a psychic channel someday with Looking Glass technology or something like that? 

The IBIS data that was released by Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot features my detailed timeline from 1976 to 1992. Post '92, I do not remember my life clearly as I have not covered this ground in my deprogramming sessions yet. 

And further more, how and why was I specifically chosen?

 I do not have this data at this time. I can say you have been remotely influencing mass populations 
(millions of people) on the East Coast of America for years now. This is somehow connected to the SAGE radar tower at Montauk Point.

 There would have been other channels on the planet in 1999 who were already actively channeling, why me? Please explain further if you can.

There are very few channels on the planet that have your level of capability.

6) Thank you, I just need these clarifications before I can feel comfortable publishing this. The timelines don't quite make sense but this whole Space Command thing is giving me the chills as that definitely is the agency that keeps coming back up in my story time and time again. Please feel free to have your contacts check out my videos on YouTube as well because I mention stuff about this in "The DOD says hi" video and maybe they can tell me more about "Project Arsenal" too? Do you know if that is a real program or not?

I am not familiar with Project Arsenal. Feel free to publish any data I send you.


  1. My God - Anya - This unraveling of past events is perfectly mystifying.

    I am struck by it's similarities to the un-nerving Montauk stories I've read and heard from individuals involved. The impression I get is that there is simply TOO much going on to be explained away in "this" dimension. My gut tells me there is a bleed over into some other reality (or timeline, or parallel realm). I can't even begin to comprehend what this might mean, but the complexities of this set of events seems too profound - and it requires me to reach outside the boundaries of our perceived reality.

    Lemme also share that I had a dream over a year ago where I was on the receiving end of some sort of psychic download, and I was wearing a wetsuit - and you were there. This felt VERY much like a dream, albeit very vivid. The dream imagery involved LIFE cereal, what that might imply seems beyond me.

    Wishing you deep peace, great strength, steady resolve and enormous amounts of love!

    Mike C!

  2. Thank you, Mike. Your kind words and support really means a lot. Yes, it is truly bizarre on so many levels. But it's a relief to know that my memories are my own and not someone else's. That was the worst part, not knowing.