Friday, April 20, 2012

A message to Miss Sarah Stanga

Attention Flash-in-the-pan: 

Ride the coat tails of someone else for a change, you're busting my chops and harshing my mellow. 

If you want to quietly be obsessed with me for a year and a half but are too cowardly to use your real name (pseudonym "Violet") and tell me you are in the programs with me and have a stalker crush on me and then just as quick as you please stab me in the back after all I ever was was loving and supportive and wanting you to heal (black witches hate love and support) and tell everyone on your blog that I am "psychically attacking you", tell someone else, I am not into it.

Deprogramming is not politically correct, Miss Stanga. What "The Druid" James Casbolt was offering you was infinite generosity and healing but you are just too entrenched in your love of your victimhood and a reliance on the superficial (And negative ET-ruled re-programmer of supersoldiers Stewart Swerdlow and black magus negative-ET-ruled drug addict/alcoholic/grifter Max Spiers- who DEFINITELY got his talons in you) to see that he was giving you the biggest gift ever. Just because you say you are a Buddhist does not make it so.

What you are conducting is a negative ET-controlled witch hunt. Cowards grow like weeds.

 I'm a moon flower.

(Miles Johnston, are you reading this? Why haven't you interviewed me yet? Don't you think it's time to interview a woman in the programs with James who ISN'T a black widow spider for once? (Alara is a very enthusiastic, cheerful participant/one as well.) Don't you think it's time to interview someone who could perhaps connect the dots better than these black witches who seem to have a thing for finding you and digging their talons in deep-- and then posting histrionic negative comments about me on their blogs and psi attacking me later?)

Your crocodile tears aren't fooling anyone, woman. You have just been served.  


  1. Strangeness with Stanga. I just did a post abouther after reading this. This blog post triggered an alter memory with "Sarah" aka Valerie Swerdlow.

  2. I am having to take legal action against Miss Stanga for her actions. And it sounds like you have also been treated in a similar fashion to her. I do however wish her well and that she finds what she needs to heal.
    I tried my best to help her.

    I must be honest I do not know the intricacies of these subjects, but I am being accused of the most heinous things by this woman when all i ever offered was my love and support. And she has thrown this in my face and is now setting out to hurt me and blacken my name.
    To anyone else who has or is feeling the brunt of her actions and abuse may you find resolution and peace. And may Sarah also heal from her condition. But she has taken it so far now that I must involve the law.

  3. Ihro,

    First off I am so sorry that you have experienced the pain of this woman's slander. I too did nothing to provoke her ridiculous comments nor did I do any of the things she said I did that supposedly "hurt" her. She is truly one conflicted individual. Unfortunately I saw clairvoyantly something like this happening to her about a week or so after she wrote what she did on her blog about me. I too wish her wellness and healing and have no hard feelings against her, but witch hunts of any kind should never be tolerated and you are absolutely correct to bring the law into this. I hope she receives the kind of appropriate psychiatric care befitting of her painful and destructive for others as much as for her condition. Blessings to you. I hope you are healing from this and that whatever the outcome is, it helps you.

  4. Anya thanks for your response.

    I am sadly having to present all my communications with this woman to the police and have to seek court action. I my self saw this coming once she started to get particularly peculiar with me but couldn't believe how perverse and vile she has become. It makes no sense, she was a different person when we actually met?
    This is a highly embarrassing and saddening experience as she has been sending grotesque outlandish emails to a number of people.

    I have heard her stories of what others have and are doing to her and now I have become one of these demonic beings in the story line. This is truly a sad an now messy affair.
    Its complete and utter vulgar nonsense. She claims she is a Buddhist, speaks of love and compassion and treats people in this most sick and vile fashion.
    She needs to take some personal responsibility for her words and actions and realise what she is in-fact doing to people.

    Lets hope that what may be a lengthy and uncomfortable legal process will lead to some good for herself and all those who she is effecting. Hopefully she will get better and have the courage to apologise to the people she is slandering and harming.

    I would rather it didn't come to this, but I have been advised and dare not reach out to her any more for my own well being.

    I do hope that she stops her current harmful behaviour, and I do hope that this legal action opens a door to her getting some compassionate, professional and tangible help.

    As for the outcome helping me, this is 2012 and I have come through my own dark experiences. As much as this situation is upsetting me I see it as a challenge and test of my compassion and discernment, facts are that she is maliciously slandering me, facts are she is very unstable and unwell.
    So I am having to really meditate much on this and find the compassion and love within my self to over ride any sadness and anger for both her and my self. Forgiveness is truly the way forward, but sadly she has taken things to far for me to just let go.
    She needs to stop seeing all those who don't reinforce her reality tunnel as enemies or fools, and most definitely should no be making up vile nonsense about them and then distributing it via any medium let alone the mediums she has chosen in such a harmful and disrespectful way.

    Like I said I don't understand all the subject matter that you and her may do, But I have my own experiences and past and self study, and she knows all this and has and is betraying me, yet some how makes her self out to be a victim?
    I let her into my life in the most intimate ways and she has betrayed everything, everyone in my family, and done what I feared, and done what she claimed she wouldn't.
    if she wont accept personal responsibility for her actions then the law etc will have to decide whats best.
    this is a very challenging time, but we can grow from our challenges if we face them wisely and with our best intentions.

  5. Oh, cool, I hadn't even seen this post about Stanga, a 'witness' I 'did' semi-feature for about half an hour on the Free Planet blog in the BONUS FEATURES SECTION of a post about MilAb but then decided her thaaang sounded too much like a distraction to leave it where it was.

    I like the way you got an interview with Johnston by GOADING him. LOL.

  6. Oh, she's in the programs, Mike- make no mistake, this girl, along with "Alara Blackwell" (still on the payroll as an active MI agent who actively attempted to gain entrance into my life via James Rink before her Bases interview came out by saying she really wanted to "heal" me, which is code for her sent as a black witch operative to come in and reprogram me.)

    I have never gotten anywhere in this saga by being nice. It has never, ever worked. So I turned on the Bitch factory on at least one other occasion and it rapidly got the results I was looking for. I highly advise it whenever necessary, but use it only under extreme caution and with expertly judicious care, lol.

    Speaking of: I got news for ya "Military intelligence" goofballs: I am un-reprogrammable. The aliens won't let it happen now. Just as they won't let me die. I also know who I am now, and that's a terrifying thought for you to know as well now, isn't it, boys and girls? I know it strikes fear in what supposedly is the hearts of many of you who have done this to me.

    Anyway, bite on that for a while. Sop it up and suck on it.

    You have tried to kill me on at least three occasions now and it hasn't happened yet. Re: that fast-acting cancer: see what happens if you try it on me, shitheads. Just try and see what happens to your families, YOUR precious zombie careers, your children, your "friends" - although most of you MIs and spooks I know don't have any real friends, if any.


    I got a whole cadre of boys in the white hats behind me now, Bitches. And you and your sniveling little "white hats" (little w, little h) who are compromised from the inside can suck on it as well, you arrogant SOBs.

    And that's with a potential love letter that I send that if the message isn't received exactly loud and clear. You have my files, you have my dossier, you know what I can do and have done all by my lonesome on many occasions, so bring it on if you want it. I can handle it. I can handle anything at this point you stupid little "men" and "women", and that's using the terms loosely.

    You are all bitchboys for your NWO masters now and you have made your choice. It's your bed so now you may sleep in it for all it's worth. I hope you really enjoy it, because your happiness won't last long if you keep this up. And yes, that's not a threat, that's a promise. And I won't be the one executing that promise. I can assure you far scarier people will do it, though. Really scary people. People you don't want to meet up against in a dark alley. In France, Germany, or Other Where....

    There's still time to join our side if you have the cajones to do so, but my guess is most of you wet-eared idiots will stay firmly entrenched in your minder's ways.

    Bye for now, toodles, etc.

    Androgynous Bipedal etc etc

  7. Addenum re: Sarah- she is in the programs but is totally insane by it and is owned by her reptilian masters. She gave it up long ago. Listen to both women's interviews and they will both say they got "mixed up" in the occult and "didn't quite know what they were doing" and on the surface be all apologetic about it- Newsflash- people don't "get mixed up" in the occult- they make a conscious willed decision to follow through with it. No one becomes an initiate in the Masons or a Black Witch in satanism by "just kinda falling into it" - they read up on it as I know "Alara" and "Sarah" have done- in fact, Sarah knew that I wouldn't touch Enochian sigals with a ten foot pole and that was precisely why she told me to read books about Enochian symbolism and to also read about Stewart Swerdlow's reprogramming disguised as deprogramming. "Entheogens" is a crack of tommyrot, girls. You are possessed by demons, fess up to it. Plain and simple willful possession and willful, excited, turned-on, first-to-volunteer-and-know-the-ropes willful participants in these black exercises. The reason James knows me is because I rebelled and was a pain in the ass through most of it. I wore the feces on the head moreso than you guys every single time- that means I was an asset, not a problem, in the long run. It means I get to keep my sanity and you don't. You are owned by the NWO because you said willfully "I give up my body, mind, and spirit to Satan, whereever he/she may be and however he/she may embody it". WILLFULLY is the operative word here. Even in alter I was a reluctant witch and you two bitches know it. I had to do it at gunpoint. You didn't. That's the difference between me and you, girls.

  8. That last James mentioned would be Casbolt, not Rink, by the way.

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