Saturday, April 27, 2013

If a prediction falls in the woods

I wanted to add the following things I've been getting in the ether to just add to or perhaps flesh out some more. When I was getting my information about a potential radiological event, I wrote down many things, things that obviously might seem disjointed or connected depending on your data and frameworks.

 I also happened to write this the day before the Texas fertilizer plant explosion and apparently a radiological leak into the ground water in Fukushima, Japan. 

Both of these events I was not aware of until two or three days later when a friend pointed the current events out when I was talking about me feeling more events coming of an explosive and/or radiological nature. (I don't really watch the mainstream media at all anymore.) She excitedly sent me some news on the matter and it did seem oddly prescient what I was getting in relation to the events, but I still wasn't getting specific on the geographic locations. 

Obviously this probably doesn't count as a "legit" psychic prediction because I am writing it out after the fact, but I thought it was important to show my notes/automatic writing to give you an idea of what goes into what I do and how I do it.

Am being very guided right now to let the public into my office and show them how the sausage is made for some reason. If I had my druthers, I would not let you see this jumbled, unedited, thoroughly right-brained mess, but my guides are saying it would be good to let you know what's going on from within once in a while. 

Anyway, I wrote that I was picking up there would be a large explosion at what I thought was what looked like an area of Chicago on a hot summer day, 90 degrees+, in an area of commerce dominated by car lots, chop shops, autobody shops, auto supply stores, and the like. A run down, dirty, grease/oil-filled area with lots of gas stations around. 

Hot, dusty, dry weather was the name of the game, and that 15-25 people would be killed as a result of this explosion. This event I was getting was an accident and NOT a terrorist attack, however, I was also getting that there might be a suitcase bomb in the sewers under or near the Chicago river, so if this is a blended impression I am getting, please refer to this link for more on psychic cross-contamination:

It's also possible (unfortunately) that if there continue to be domestic terror incidents in the United States, that there very well could be a series of attacks occurring in different cities at the same time or orchestrated to unfold one after the other.

You are watching me evolve (or possibly be led down the primrose path?) in real time, so I have no idea where this "prediction of world events" thing might lead. I might fall flat on my face with this information. Wouldn't be the first time. But I get these pulls that feel meaningful and needful and nagging and worthy of paying attention and for some weird reason worthy of sharing, so there you go.

Other cities/geographic locales, dates, and sensorial impressions that seem to be revolving around these potential events (From notes taken 4/16/13):

Altamont, California

Boston Harbor

Chicago or the greater Chicagoland area



Car dealerships, car repairs, etc.

Guy trapped inside?! Burned alive

[Oil field , Explosion, June or July]


Sulphur smell
burning (smell)
floating up
(auto body shop?)
spark or flare of light at source (begins inside locker or work area?)
lit from within
oil/gasoline smell
dry, hot wind
was NOT false flag
"sky high"
w/in 90 days time
implosive then explosive (backdraft)
15-25 DEAD
lots of injuries too
towels over people's faces
May going into June
Memorial Day weekend
June 30th

Summer heat
Bright, sparkly day
car wash
water sparkling droplets in the sun
place where auto industry supportive businesses cluster

I then drew a horizontal spiral with the outward blast going in an easterly direction.

For the next event I picked up on, I was getting a nuclear power plant that was leaking radiation into the water supply. I saw a power plant near a river or stream as a clairvoyant image.

Pretty sure this image was literal and not metaphoric (sometimes I am given visual metaphors or allegorical examples to illustrate an idea or concept).

Again, when I wrote this out on April 16th, 2013,  I had not heard of the event in Fukushima that had apparently just led to a ground water leak, and I believe this happened either on the day of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion or not long after, which would have been within 24-48 hours of me writing my notes, allowing for time zone differences from where I was in New York and any radiological event in Japan.

 Regarding this groundwater radiation leak, I very much "saw" the inside of what looked like a very scientific environment, very sterile looking, white walls, heavy painted concrete, heavy plated safety glass, etc, but was getting this was in the United States and not in Japan.

Two doors inside
lights/lit (all around)
lit up from within core
ring of orange fire/light
white walls

(saw this ring of electric blue light that almost looked fluorescent around one of the reactors in both visions, in the suitcase bomb hidden in a sewer in what could be Chicago or other urban area near a body of water (possibly in a sewer near a ladder leading to the street), and in the vision of what looked like some kind of mini-reactor or regular size reactor in a lab or containment facility where this sort of thing would normally be housed. I have no idea what this blue light or color would be or what relation it is to the reactor.)

Areas with giant question marks around them (unclear yet which roles these areas play, if any):
New Hampshire
New Jersey

nuclear meltdown event

w/in 4-6 months

"old falling apart issues"

Event occurs in August or September but bad leaking begins in July

Open source radiation

Lots of skin problems, birth defects

There will be cancers, about 200-300 people getting

Immediate deaths: 1-2 people

For long-term exposure: More likely (people will experience) sores, eczema-like issues, pain, radiological exposure skin issues, eyes, things affecting body tissues

Grand Rapids, North Dakota or Iowa?

North Carolina?




Goes into water supply


"Raymount" (?) North Dakota

Corn fields

Rocky, then bumpy, then flat plains







Smell of wet corn husks or wet wheat stalks

temperature at time of event in area is in 40s or 50s

Terrorist strike on nuclear power plant??

Holding people hostage??


So there you have it. Pretty weird, huh? As always, psychic readings should not be taken as guaranteed or a substitute for safety, health, medical, or legal services and for legal purposes this is understood that what I am doing is for "entertainment purposes only" as sick a term in relation to these situations that might sound.
I don't make the laws. I'm just reciting them.

As always, good luck and God bless and I really hope if these events have come to pass already, they are done and finished and if they don't come to pass, we should all be better for it not happening.


  1. Thank you so much for what you are doing; putting your life on the line for your fellow mankind. I have been watching/ reading/researching so much lately that I don't know what's right, what's misinformation, and I feel like everthing that I thought was life is a total frickin farce. As many others, I too have a story that needs explaining. I'm searching for the answers...

  2. Paula, thank you so much for your kind words. It is definitely appreciated. “To those whom much is given, much is expected.” Just do what you are meant to do and let the chips fall where they may. Trust in that you are doing a good thing and just read, relax into the information, and absorb what you are receiving and make sense of it in your own way, in your own time. If you think of it like a meditation, things will go better. You don't have to be emotionally attached to anything I or anyone else is saying. If you just let the words breathe and give it a chance to relax into what it is that the words are saying, you will find a community by which this awakening will continue and grow. Let the sprout become a tree. This is what we've been waiting for for eons, believe it or not, as frustrating as what all of this seems.

  3. Speaking on predictions Anya, I am sure you have heard of Billy Meier. So my question to you dear lady is what do you make of his "Contact notes"? I keep hearing he has made many accurate prdictions but there are other things the pledjarens have supposedly told him that doesn't jell with me. Thoughts?

  4. Billy was compromised when he started thinking his excrement didn't stink. The curse of ego is paralyzing and shuts down any chance of new information. Ego is the rheumatoid arthritis of the spirit. Also, you are dealing with a quantum universe where there are only possibilities and potentialities and liklihoods of events happening. Nothing is set in stone and it is still a free will universe no matter what the disinfo agents/Magii/Maggadors will tell you.