Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Almost a year ago today

What part of this don't you understand? 

You guys need to pick up the ball and step it up a notch. I don't see you clamoring for this information like you should. It's easy, stop caring what other people think. If you spend all your time trying to figure out how to reinvent the wheel, you're never going to actually use it. 

Just DO IT and get it over with already. 

Open your third eyes responsibly now. 

It's time.

It's necessary to counterbalance the electromagnetic fields people like the Army, Air Force, Marines, and US Navy use with things like HAARP, beam weapons, Electromagnetic field disruptors and the like to disrupt the force fields of the earth's magnetic grid. 

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, people, opening your third eye counterbalances all of that. 

Do it or not, I don't care, but if you open your third eye, you are working for the forces of good to counteract some seriously sinister manipulations that effect the Earth's grid and ability to continue life on this planet in a harmonious way that counter balances the effects of EMF/beam weaponry everywhere. WHY do you think the US gov't and the military spends so many ungodly amounts of money on psychic development research and then spends just as much an equal amount telling you it isn't real and there's no basis for it? 

The first thing you have to realize about counterintelligence is people don't know what they're talking about and then they will tell you the real info that you didn't think they had. They have the real thing they think they have. A military person skilled in military intelligence and/or counter intel will tell you one thing and then thirty seconds later will deny it or says something like "You didn't hear it from me".  

Wake up and smell the coffee, I am so tired of picking up the string behind you from this quickly unraveling ball of twine that claims it has no idea what it's doing. 

It knows perfectly well and you do too. 
Enough of this stuff. 

Time to get to work and own yourself! 

Sedona, Arizona, November 1st, 2013.

Nature is the Mother, Father is the Sun. 
Openings to both are access grids to energy fields known to you unconsciously at this time that you are not fully taking advantage of. Opening of your third eye is the key pass to all that information. The first thing you need to do when your eye is open is to study yourself, observe your day to day infusions/interactions/integrations/what have you. Then study your past lives; all the lives that came before your current incarnation. Go all the way back to what you've allowed yourself at the present time to peer into. Then learn about righting wrongs and releasing past life karma that serves no need in the lesson plan today. Once you've cleared your karma, all is one. You will find things get a lot more peaceful and integrated when that happens.


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