Friday, October 17, 2014

Telepathy, global consciousness and how we humans are connected

I take issue with the bit about "paranormal activity is reduced when this electromagnetic effect takes place" or something to that effect (paraphrasing) -- Oh really? Come to my world, the paranormal doesn't seem to care a fig what science thinks, it's going to happen regardless of how many Hzs there are on the earth's grid or not, and a couple of other things I can't remember that he said that kind of made me raise an eyebrow over, but basically, yeah- there is a frequency I operate at, and it's actually higher than the 7 Hz he's talking about. I get brain-fried when I've done too many readings or have connected to this frequency too much and I actually get a headache. There was another scientific test not mentioned in this video, but it was a legit scientific study done on "Normals" and then on psychics. The psychics in the study - people who claimed they do what I can and really can in fact do it do actually seem to have a higher Hz than others- usually psychics are operating at 8 Hz or more. Will try to find and post that data if I come across it, but I do remember seeing mainstream articles somewhere a while back about that very study.

I have spoken extensively about how excited the engineer was who asked me if my mother was left handed/I was left handed and then told me I was 100% right brained and just who they were looking for when I was paid to take part in a telekinesis experiment at Ohio University's Avionics Engineering Department (See my interviews for more, I think I detail it in the Bases 15 and 21 interviews).

"They" whomever "They" are who have been abducting me in MILABs and using me as a human guinea pig have known that the secret to all of this- telekinesis, telepathy, psi ability in general,  all of it- happens in the right hemisphere of the brain.

And they have ruthlessly exploited this fact ever since.

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