Friday, October 3, 2014

Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan!

So I posted this image of marks on my body:

that appeared on September 22nd of this year recently in this blog post:

I don't know if there's a correlation here, but this is definitely strange timing for talking about swastika-like shapes and just felt it necessary to post this. Note the date: two days after the marks appear on my body, news articles come out stating that there are ancient geoglyphs discovered in of all places, Kazakhstan, and are older than the world-famous Nasca Lines:

Here's a video for those of you who don't like reading:

It wouldn't be so fitting or timely in any other situation, except my story seems to strike an eerie chord in the last year or so with occult, paranormal, ancient/forbidden history and science happenings in of all places, Kazakhstan. I have also mentioned heavy activity on my blog from visitors from that part of the world prior to me having any knowledge of this area or its occultic/historic significance in these blog posts:

Now what's also kind of complimentary to this is a couple of days ago before I was aware of this news item about the geoglyphs, I had an urge to revisit an old interview from November, 2013 that I did with Peter Maxwell Slattery (see below), the focus being on "taking the symbols back" that the so-called Illumined ones have used to manipulate the human species and hold them back evolutionarily from their birthright which is to naturally and spontaneously become their own illumined, psychic selves with full and free awareness. 

I don't know why I get compulsions to do things sometimes, be drawn to certain people, places and things, but I do, and it's like a magnet, so I've learned to listen to it because it usually has particular significance not long after.  And I do mention the Swastika as an example at one point, although I might have gotten the specific meaning of the symbol slightly wrong, the essence of the meaning is there I think.

 Not sayin'. Just sayin'. 

I say that phrase a lot lately too and it kind of freaks me out. 


It just weirds me out a little bit sometimes, the confirmations/connections/what have you. But I also trust that it propels me in the right direction and gives me the information to spread to the Universe to in turn bring back some people places or things who in turn will give me more data to spread out to the Universe and so on and so on and so on... ad infinitum...

I just find this whole synchro-mystical stuff funny at this point. A little unnerving because of it's curious uncanniness, but mostly funny.

Holy Timing means I guess in its meaning to be out of time. To be free of time in order to understand it or use it fully.

 I am not making any sense probably, and maybe this is a stretch, but here it is, it's posted anyway.

I don't know what the compounded interest is with Kazakhstan and the fascination with all this, if it even adds up to something meaningful or a trail of bread crumbs to some great reveal that's been hidden in plain sight all along, maybe I can't see the forest for the trees yet, but anyway, enjoy waiting for the Great Leap Forward? 

I think? 

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