Monday, November 24, 2014

My Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

Yay, dentistry.

So I just went in for another checkup with my dentist and during the exam, I mentioned a blister on the gum line that formed several weeks prior and then disappeared next to a more famous tooth in my head here:

For more on that wonder of wonders, you can read about how a sonic emitter or transmitter was somehow attached to this thing on the back of the tooth with the unknown "filling", was activated and tortured me for a week solid this past June:

Having no prior dental issues up until this thing was discovered on the back of my tooth besides surgery for wisdom teeth removal when I was a teenager, I am new to the world of endodontics and the like. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the dentist told me that there was a significant amount of bone loss at the affected spot that dental x-rays did not pick up before, and that the tooth next to the transmittered-one had a barely detectable hairline fracture going up the middle and that he didn't know if the tooth was salvageable and that I might need a root canal.  

The dentist said that this level of inflammation was actually hidden and hard to detect, and if the blister hadn't appeared and I hadn't said anything, it would have continued along for years without me noticing and the actual pain had started. He said this level of infection indicated to him that it didn't start overnight and had been there for years. I looked up the whys and hows and whats of root canals for my own education today and couldn't help but notice that one of the reasons it would be needed is, surprise surprise, due to repeated dental procedures. My teeth were considered "perfect" prior to this, and I couldn't help but think that the apparent disruption to the one transmittered tooth could have been disruptive to the one next to it as well. 

Another thing this man said to me, and this I found quite shocking but not surprising, was that he looked at the thing attached to the back of my tooth in the most recent dental x-ray and said that the way it was in the placement of the tooth could ONLY have been applied at around age 5 or 6, that it would have occurred at the formation of the appearance of the onset of my adult teeth/loss of my baby teeth. 

Dental x-ray of mysterious transmitter/filling on back of my tooth (click to enlarge).

That kind of stunned me and made my head spin a bit because it would absolutely correspond with recovered memories I have talked about in interviews and on this blog about being in an underground base in what I believe to be Nelson, British Columbia in Canada in the summer or early fall of 1975- it could very easily have been 1976, either way I would have been about age 4 or 5. (Or if it was the late summer/early fall of 1976, I would have in fact been 6 years old.)

If it was the summer/early fall of 1976, it could very easily have been then as well, but for some reason I have always felt like/said it was 1975. At any rate, yes, my baby teeth would have been falling out at/around that time making way for my adult set and yes it would absolutely correspond on the timeline with me having memories of people strapping me to a chair and me not being able to move and them doing medical procedures to my head and drugging me/keeping me at this place for what seemed like weeks of my life if not hours or days.  It's entirely possible that the thing on my tooth could have been applied then. I have no memory consciously of that procedure still, but when the dentist says it would have had to have been applied to the tooth around age 5 or 6, it absolutely corresponds to the timeline. 

I asked him why it didn't show up on dental x-rays until 2003 if it had been there since I was 5 or 6 years old and he couldn't say, but that medically from his standpoint, there was no other way given the position of the "filling" that it could have been done in my life/could have been applied. 

When he said that, I remembered another dentist (from the literally ten others I've shown who have looked at the x-ray) had said the same thing and at the time I rejected this information because it wasn't showing up on x-rays prior to '03  and that didn't make any sense, but this time I had to pause at having had this mentioned a second time. I guess it was finally sinking in and I was starting to accept the possibility that what's happened to me has been happening pretty much my whole life and that this high strangeness was inherent long before I woke up and smelled the coffee in '07-'08.

I will continue to update this as new information comes to light.


  1. A root canal? Well, if that is the case, then please try to avoid this.

    A couple of months ago I treated a woman who had tooth problems with QHHT hypnosis (the Dolores Cannon method). Afterwards, she stated she felt a real warmth in and around her mouth. I guess it was a healing of some sort.

    Maybe such a session could help you and avoid further treatment? I don't konw. Maybe there's a practitioner out there you can trust.

  2. No root canal. Apparently the tooth needs to be extracted. Apparently it seems I may have cracked it by grinding my teeth in my sleep due to stress in my life. I wonder where that stress came from. Interesting that it's the tooth right next to the one with the transceiver though.

  3. I guess it makes sense that damage done to one tooth might affect another, especially if it was repeated - hopefully all this will be the last of it. I've been through ALOT of dental work in my time (nothing like this, though), so believe me when I say I sympathize.

    Tyler Williford @ Marzo Smile