Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stand By Me - Lollipop

This can't be good.

UPDATE: 11/13/14:

Sometimes I am drawn to a song, or a movie, or a celebrity, or art, or something, and I just get feelings about said song or movie or celebrity or art etc and I am fixated on the song etc. for days and it will have significant relevance later to the thing that I didn't want to happen and it happens.

 I really, really, really hope there's nothing to what I am getting about this, but it involves death/possible murder/pedophilia/Hollywood. Yuck.

I seriously don't want to give power to what I am specifically getting so I don't want to say it, but feel dread and am getting "the grip" and that is not good.
I dearly hope this doesn't happen and pray for everyone's well being.

If someone who used to be or is a child/young Hollywood actor/performer/musician
 "dies of an overdose" in the next two weeks or so, please note that this death specifically was an illuminati ritual murder and was not an accident. I could be off on the timing here but this is sick and involves ritual pedophilia/organized crime/child trafficking-pedo rings in Hollywood.

UPDATE: 12/23/14:

I don't know what this is, but I think the timing of a former BET network show Teen Summit host's AJ Cooper's passing (December 3rd, about a week off from my prediction timing) as well as the young age of this man is unfortunate and more than a little mysterious:

Not sayin', just sayin'. It seems he wanted to go into politics and may have been perceived as an encroaching threat to the powers that be, I dunno. In articles about him, he is repeatedly described as a "rising star" on the political/beltway circuit.  Not saying he didn't die of natural causes, this is just strange timing and fits the criteria I was talking about. I could be wrong, but had a nagging feeling that I should post this. If it's not an illuminati occult sacrifice, or just natural causes, hiring a CIA hit vis a vis undetectable methods could easily be a way to eliminate any of your political competition/threat if you wanted to.

It's still not clear what this man died of other than he had been "complaining of chest pains for a few days" prior to his death. The media doesn't say beyond that, which is very strange. The cause of death of course could be anything. But I also know that the CIA occult cabal really, really, REALLY loves things like heart attack guns (yes, they really exist and have been employed for decades, look it up) and giving people slow acting poisons and providing undetectable methods for all kinds of mysterious fatal ailments, especially ones surrounding anything involving the heart/heart attacks. Just sayin'...

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