Saturday, November 1, 2014

You are behaving like a self-loathing gay man

If you have psychic ability and mock it

If you have experiences and decide they "aren't real"

If you find the love of your life only to wind up having a child with another woman because you're embarrassed by the love of your life because you "can't take her anywhere" because of her job title.

Get back in the closet, coward. 

But whatever you do, stop telling me you love "me" if only for a threesome or a one-night stand or to "experiment".

I see too many of you doing this to yourselves whether metaphorically or literally. It's nauseating. You do this to comfort yourselves. To be "accepted" and "acceptable". 
To fear change, because change is scary, maaaaan. 

You do this because the metaphorical (or literal) woman who is "appropriate" is accepted by everyone. 

But don't you realize

that the next step in human evolution is this?

Is being a psychic being?

And that the "acceptable" woman in this metaphor is an anachronism?

A fad?

The wrong side of history?

Someone to be used as an excuse, a cover, to turn you away from yourself even further?

She might be an orchard,

An apple tree.

She might offer you shade

And nourishment

And protection from the elements

But she's still a woman

and you're still behaving like a self-loathing gay man trapped in the closet.

And this thing isn't gonna work.

No matter how many conventional, GMO, "sane" apples you eat.

TV show Supernatural reference. Hell to the Yeah, re: Kevin! I can relate!

Until you find someone who is just like you and who can walk in the sunshine and proudly stand by your side, you will be cringing in embarrassment each time you are in a social setting introducing the one you should be with.


Be who you are, not who you want to be. It'll never happen. You are YOU. You can't escape YOU.

Society's not going to change for you. Society only changes when we the people change. It's up to individuals, each and every single time to change society. It begins with individuals and their individual choices.
 Not society.


Thank you!

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