Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Men in Black - A Person Is Smart, People Are Dumb (1997)


  1. Off topic Anya but what do you think of Randy Cramers testimony? Blessings xx

    1. Sorry, who is Randy Cramer and what is he testifying about?

    2. I just googled this guy. Not getting truth there. Frankly, the energy I am getting just looking at his image is "LIE"- very loudly. Kerry Cassidy is not a person to trust. She may have had something legit going on from '08 to '09 or so, but it rapidly deteriorated at some point and she is not someone to take seriously anymore. I have mentioned many times her intelligence ties and military upbringing, she's either a conscious, willing disinfo agent, or a "useful idiot" (the term mirage men use) filled with hubris and horrible protocol (as in none) for background checks. I don't follow any of the super soldier thing anymore. It's become a disinfo agent/mirage man/crazy person shit show. The real deals have all but been drowned out by reporters like Cassidy who instead choose to focus on liars and professional water muddiers and/or unfortunately severely mentally ill people, but either way, real deal super soldiers have been exploited and treated very shabbily and something's been done to cover up the real and separate it from anything resembling justice or an answer. I can't stand most of them, a lot have been horrible to me in all aspects of the word, but the ones who are the real deals regardless if I like them or not do not need to be plopped in front of Kerry Cassidy or a panel discussion on a stage at a UFO conference they aren't getting compensation for or support in any way (in spite of the fact that most of them have no means of income and/or cannot hold a job due to mental issues). They need support from the public and a legitimate consensus has to be reached (including medical and scientific testing on these people- if they are in an above top secret intel program, microchipping is done and/or tracking devices are implanted of some kind.) And they need to have fees covered to cover the scientific and medical testing to see if they have implants or anomalies in their bodies/genetic structure to back up their claims of experimentation or mind control if they can, and of course any of the extraordinary statements they are making. Instead, they are treated like freaks. I do not endorse any of it anymore. I have been burned. My first instinct is that this man is a liar and is not a super soldier at all. I certainly wouldn't support him. He's probably been sent by the intelligence apparatus to muddy the waters significantly. But hey, what do I know.