Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Antidepressants Make it Harder to Empathize, Harder to Climax, and Harde...

This scientifically corroborates what I have been saying about working with clients on SSRIs, that it not only makes it harder for them to make breakthroughs with me/experience energy work/understand what it is I am doing (because 90% of what I am doing is effecting/healing/addressing the emotional body- see this post for more: , but that it literally shuts off the empathy/emotional center of the brain and that if you go on SSRIs, what you are doing effectively is give yourself what I have been calling for years an "emotional lobotomy". 

The times in the past when I have had clients on heavy dosages of them, and the reason why I decided to include a disclaimer in my checkout literature about SSRIs possibly affecting the outcome of the session when people are hiring me is because they have been nearly impossible to do sessions with because there is a complete inability for the client to make emotional connections, reflect on the emotional body and see the associations made from that. No association/no absorption of this information = no understanding which in turn usually keeps the person trapped at square one. 

 I tell them the information I am receiving and it's like it literally doesn't connect with them - no light of recognition goes off in their head- it is as if they have had a literal lobotomy when I am describing emotions. 

One client in particular came to me at a low point in his life loaded to the gills on the stuff because he had a couple of doctors cross-prescribing him for Zoloft and Prozac simultaneously (or some combination therein) and he was completely delusional, paranoid, distraught, interspersed with moments where it appeared he was nearly catatonic at points. He was so drugged up that he could not distinguish reality from fantasy and he truly appeared psychotic. I knew something was off about him, but this is before I realized it was SSRIs/before I instigated the no antidepressants rule in my work. 

Needless to say, the session was extremely strange and not as productive as I would have liked. 
Flash forward two years later, he comes back to me and hires me again completely off SSRIs, admitting to me that he was on heavy doses of antidepressants in the last session, and it was like night and day- a complete 180 degree change. Here was a man two years prior who literally seemed like if he wasn't careful he was going to get in an accident and I thought was a danger to himself and possibly others, who, flash forward two years, it turns out was actually an exquisitely sensitive, highly competent, sane and intelligent man with a rich, beautiful, and emotional soul whom it was a pleasure to work with and who I intuited actually had the makings of a  fabulous Qi Gong Master practitioner.  Which, without him telling me until the end of the session is exactly what it turned out that he wanted to do. I couldn't believe it: it was like I was working with two separate people. 

Of course I am not a substitute for medical advice, but please keep in mind this video when considering if an SSRI is right for you. 

I do mention to prospective clients prior to a reading that if they are on anything but the lowest of dosage of SSRIs, that it will affect my ability to access their emotional body/their emotional Q & A information- and it's true, it's like a block, a wall- and that it could in turn affect my ability to do my job. 

Quite frankly I stopped letting people hire me long ago who were on anything but the very lowest dose of these things. 

Not saying there's a conspiracy with SSRIs to keep people from accessing their emotional intelligence/learn and heal from their emotions, but it seems abundantly evident to me from direct, personal experience working with clients on these drugs that these things do not help them necessarily, and that they make my job damn near impossible to do if the person is loaded up on them. 

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