Thursday, April 23, 2015

Slavoj Žižek: The Hegelian Wound

This is also really great as well. Funny timing (maybe it was in the ether)- this lecture at NYU given about five miles from where I live was conducted about two weeks after I posted this post but I didn't find it until today:

that for some reason out of the blue that I am not quite clear on why I posted it but had something to do with psychic awakening/how to be psychic. Yes, really. 

I am of course advocating the end of the Hegelian dialectic, that it's a construct no longer suited to modernity, that it never really existed at all, which is funny because Zizek as a Lacanian is always reevaluating things as constructs and ideas that require a middle man like language or libido or metaphor to create or facilitate something as the catalyst, and uses Hegel to use trauma as a way to come out of it so you can understand it. I am positing something slightly different- it was never there to begin with. I'm not saying the trauma didn't exist, but that for the purposes of my perspective, the path to third eye awakening is to understand that if you are to open the third eye, you have to view it all in the spectrum like you are viewing the earth from space.

 You can't take it too personally or attach identifiers to traumatic events as something that defines you. (Of course I am not perfect and I have plenty of things that have happened to me that it has indeed been a struggle to come out from under and not let it define me, and I still struggle with it daily.) But I think Zizek's viewpoint is worth viewing and definitely worth consideration for another perspective on Hegel, and I think a vital one. 

 I didn't know Zizek was a Hegelian (if he is at all?), but he is making me reevaluate his "godless" atheistic tendencies, there seems to be a very spiritual metaphysician of a sort laying in wait here that I like a lot. 
(Especially his take on the link between Christianity, metaphysics and sex!)

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