Friday, June 19, 2015

Social anxiety linked to high IQs, empathetic ability, sentinel intelligence

Early hominids: Every day I'm hustling.

Because early human's survival only consisted of being chill all the time and laid back and smoking bowls. Come on, people. Being alert and aware is not a sign of mental illness. We didn't survive as a species on the veldt plains by being as chill as possible about where the juiciest berries were and where the antelope with the most meat on its butt was by being relaxed all the time. 

Many times I have heard that hyper vigilance and abusive homes make for the best empaths. Or, dare I say it, psychics. To say my childhood was chaotic and violent is putting it mildly. 

To those who claim that they cured their social anxiety, you may have, but just like gay conversion camps don't "cure" gayness, you didn't "cure" your Mach 10 psychic ability that you probably have as a genetic trait. Nature vs. nurture, it doesn't matter. You're stuck with it, bub. 

Enjoy your self-loathing and denial and being in the closet if you detest who you are at your genetic core, but short of giving yourself a frontal lobotomy, you need to accept you are who you are, and that who you are is an empath. 




  1. I know quite a few people who cling to their diagnosis of anxiety, depression, etc. which justifies their use of anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, and other psychotropic drugs. I think at some point, most of us experience depression, anxiety etc. and instead of looking inward to find the root cause of this - based on conditioned thinking, turns towards their medications instead. I am not saying this applies to ALL individuals. I think anti-depressant, anti-anxieties, and other medications have their place in treating conditions and issues...but i do believe it's prescribed too heavily, especially on our youth. I could easily have fallen into many categories growing up: I dealt with major depression in my younger years (due to verbal abuse in my home life), social challenges (being painfully shy). I did not learn or even try anti-depressants until my early 20s. What i found more times than not, i did not feel depressed, but i also did not feeling ANYTHING...i was completely numbed out. I think for extreme cases, anti-depressants can be helpful (to temporarily decrease the pain), but in the end, we need to learn to heal - by facing the pain that is triggering that depression or anxiety. The longer it is suppressed, the more it will continue to bubble up in our daily lives. Until it is faced, acknowledged, and even mourned - it will influence and can control our lives.

    As a society, we have been numbed out and distracted. I think many of us, that were diagnosed with anxiety, depression, etc. are in actuality highly sensitive individuals. I just suggest for anyone dealing with depressions, anxieties - look for ways to heal, thru counseling, spiritual advisors etc. Seek sources that may point out a sensitivity you may possess. Based on my own experience, typically i was over-prescribed (dosages way too high) and that had horrible side effects (numbed me out, couldn't sleep, or struggled to stay awake). I paid attention to how i felt and reduced dosages, so i could function and work. I stopped taking medications (due to stressing my liver), focused on reducing toxicity (no fluoridated water, seeking safer food options, no high fructose corn syrup, and detoxing methods) which has also helped in the healing process.

    I do still struggle with depression (I do have triggers, events that can lead to depression), then i notice how previous painful situations i thought i had resolved, will bubble up in my memory. I cry, i mourn it, acknowledge, then it dissipates.... As human beings we have so many layers of painful experiences in our lives, beliefs about ourselves (based on our relatives, social experiences, friendships etc that were toxic, painful, hurtful and abusive), traumas, etc that need to be healed and released.

    If the treatments/medications you are prescribed, don't sit well with you, you do not feel it's making a healthy impact, continue not give up. It's an individual journey, on finding what is best FOR YOU. Don't fear the self-examination, because in the end, it will liberate you. I'm in my late 40s, and my search has not stopped, i certainly have not found all the answers, but....i am learning to cope and face these issues head on. By taking that approach, the quicker i move past these issues. Just my take on it. <3

    1. I appreciate what you are saying. I think one of the best ways to avoid toxicity is avoiding people who constantly tell you you are crazy. One of the best "medications" I've ever been on. The Illuminati (YES, i am "going there" and will be "that person" for a minute) have spent trillions over the centuries on denying, denying, denying, and keeping this basic human right/sense we all possess from us. They feel they alone are the gatekeepers of that information and woe be to anyone who breaks away from that pack. They will be ruthless at first in investigating you, send agents to you, sniff around you, pretend to know you, pretend to befriend you, and then attempt to "give you the offer"- if you decline, they will villainize you and make you a social pariah. Or so they think. They hate people like me. They loathe me. First because I am a woman, and these guys are inherently misogynistic. Secondly because I didn't need their He Man Woman Hater culpable deniability routine to "keep" anything from the public. I just was. Things happened to me that got, ahem, "out of control" in the psi department and it was out of their jurisdiction. A containment breach that's out of their control now. That's really what's at heart here: who deserves to "claim" the psychic information and who doesn't- according to the racist, misanthropic, good old boy network who actually have the audacity to say they are the "Illumined" ones. The pharmaceutical industrial complex is only a symptom of this "Plan". It's only one tentacle of many. But it's the reality of the situation. Antidepressants --the way they are routinely being abused and over-prescribed by so-called "do no harm" physicians and psychiatrists is part of a yes, satanic agenda to infiltrate and destroy the minds of the ones most likely to be empaths in the first place. They are very adamantly opposed to the psychic awakening and acceptance that IS in fact happening with portions of the populace. Do I have a hard and fast number as to how many people are awakening? No. But it's in the millions. I am not opposed to short-term antidepressants prescribed if they are in fact helpful, but with so many people I know they are not. I also cannot do readings for people if they are on anything but the lowest dose of that stuff. It literally blocks the emotional center of the brain, which would otherwise allow me to "see" people's feelings, thoughts, memories, etc. It's a literal chemical lobotomy is what antidepressants are. So I highly recommend natural, organic alternatives before prescribing them for someone with anxiety disorder, depression, social anxiety, and the like. People are so fucking afraid to feel feelings it's ridiculous- maybe instead they should question the systems and people that made them feel said negative/"bad" feelings in the first place and take steps to remove those stressors whenever possible first and see how they feel after said stressor is removed from the premasis. I find it tends to calm people down a lot. Funny how that happens!

  2. Lifting the veil...I can't agree more. Like you said, some people benefit from these drugs but it is so very obvious how over rxd they are. And such young kids...criminal.

    Same to you Anya. Also, Since I really like this blog and plan on posting here, just know if I ever say "you're crazy", I don't mean it like assholes do. I was raised by nuts and crazy people so it's like a term of endearment.

    My grandmother had 12 kids natural at home no doctor for most of them. Yet most of her grand daughters have fertility issues. ???
    After 9/11 which i was in the village at work that day I told my doctor how freaked out I was that this happened and couldn't believe it. He put me on Zoloft. Which I didn't take, thankfully.

    There's so much it hard to take in. Even being raised to not put all your trust into the powers that be. It's still shocks me that this goes on, that people like Anya have been thru hell and no one cares. It's like I shouldn't be surprised, but I also just didn't pay attention for a long time. I've gotten to the point where my anxiety has served me well. I had to start using it right, that was the problem.

    I couldn't imagine or know what you've been thru, Anya, it's sickening.


  3. Lol and heads up, I mentioned my anxiety. But just want to add that I do not have a high iq. And I wasnt trying to make that correlation ... :D

  4. I'm slowly weaning myself down off of the meds that they have added and added to over ten years. The change they made in me was spectacular, but they have become a crutch. I'm beginning to feel real again, but have quite a way to go.

    I always enjoy coming back to your writing from time to time.
    Thanks for doing what you do.

    1. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind and inspiring words, David. I am glad you are interested most in your independence and health and well being. My favorite meme right now is "I'm not telling you it will be easy, I am telling you it will be worth it." No treacly words now. It's time for everyone to come out of their slumber, that includes me too- facing your dragons and slaying them is the name of the game for all of us now. As an aside, it means a lot to know I'm not shouting into darkness. It's hard when I don't get feedback sometimes. I don't know if I am taking aim at the correct target or not. Thank you. As an aside to everyone, all constructive and/or reasonable feedback is appreciated. Blessings, Anya