Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Letter To Someone Who Is Waking Up

This is a response I gave to a person who contacted me recently who is having nearly identical experiences to mine, which is really saying something. I didn't think it was possible, but I guess if you cast the net out wide enough and long enough and wait, anything's possible. More on that later if he chooses to let me post some photos of the marks he's getting on his body as well/shares some of the experiences he's having too. I just thought I should share this with all of you, Energy Masters In Training (tm) ;-) 



Just stop listening to the fear-based know-nothing new agers and you'll do alright. Their only solution is "Oh, it's "bad", you had a "bad" experience, so STAY AWAY FROM IT". What do they fucking know? Nothing. It's not their experience, it's yours. You do with it what you want, but just make sure you ask for positive, loving, benevolent experiences to learn from instead of fearful, scary, unknown experiences. 

Ask for clarity. Get REALLY REALLY REALLY specific in your requests to the universe because the universe gives you exactly what you want and if you don't get excruciatingly specific, it will give you a version of what you asked for but it might have "dark" tones because you didn't ask specifically enough. 

Always ask for educational experiences you can learn from but ones that are not going to harm you- sometimes the universe will give you a "dark" experience only as a battle exercise. I presume you are a warrior, you came here to learn , you are a Jedi master in training, yes? Otherwise you wouldn't have these/seek these things out like you did. So learn from the "negative" and focus on the positive.

 Let fear guide you to knowledge. If fear paralyzes you and shuts you down, you aren't learning from the experience, so don't ask for anything that shuts you down and paralyzes you- both literally and figuratively. 

Many of these "negative" things are initiations from the ETs to help you learn, believe it or not. But once you figure that out, you don't need to let fear-based subconscious negative detractors play a part- they will keep coming back until you have mastered that part of yourself that you don't want to look at. 

A true energy master looks through the fear and sees the core reason behind the experience, which is to learn and gain knowledge and awareness of All That Is. There is no inherent "bad" or "good' there just is what we ask for to experience/gain knowledge about. If it is incomprehensible, then it is up to us to seek that experience out again or not- ask for it or no in that sense. Then, once you have figured out what that initiation is about, you will graduate to the next level, just as a person practicing martial arts would have graduated to a different colored belt or outfit. 

That's all that this is, initiations to create masters, I think. The military just muddies the waters by confusing things and adding their two cents into it to shut us down and prevent us from becoming the psychic miracles we all know and can be. They are all masons, all satanists who do this. They are professional water-muddiers. Please watch my interview with Peter Maxwell Slattery about "taking back the symbols" ( and please read my blog posts of recent about Khazakhstan for more (
-- either publicly or privately.

 This is the third rail they don't want us talking about. So they infiltrate the new age movement and spread lies about sacred awakening about "fear" and if it causes you fear it's automatically "bad"- this infantilizes people and they never grow up. If you only look at the light and never face your shadow, you never truly become emancipated and then you get the phenomenon of all the childish boy-men and girl-women we have walking around who think they are grownups because they have a job and get drunk on a saturday night and have a mortgage- the satanic cabal's goal is to keep you grounded in materialism and to fear spirit. 

For more on that I would encourage you strongly to check out Mark Passio's great lectures. I am no fan of Aleistar Crowley, and he kind of is a fanboy of Crowley's, but his heart is in the right place and he knows all about this black cabal because he used to be a satanist  and knows the agenda and is no longer a part of it. I know he knows because he talks about stuff they do that they've been trying to do to me and I dont know him nor have I ever met him personally and yet he knows they do what they've attempted (and failed) to do to me time and again. 


  1. "The 'military' just muddies the waters by confusing things and adding their two cents into it to shut us down and prevent us from becoming the psychic miracles we all know and can be." Yes, Anya, that is absolutely right ~ will look look more into this/pursue it further...

    1. Thank you! I am glad if this inspired you to take further action! Blessings, Anya

  2. Based on my experiences on an awakening:

    It's about shedding untruths. I think for most, in the beginning, an awakening is painful as we come to realize we've been lied to: about our history, about our rights, freedoms: civil, human and health and so much more. I think it's about a willingness to face those harsh find solutions.

    Going thru an awakening, also means facing social isolation at times - because those that resist awakening, villify those that are. Searching for truths is a singular path, an individual choice on what compels you to understand. So many are afraid of stepping out of that social conformity. In the end though, those that resist it - pay the ultimate price by blindly following others.

    Once those truths are faced though, it's important to pull away from so much info, avoid getting caught up in all the fear campaigns, after all - that is part of their dis-empower. Question your sources in social media and TV. Does it promote fear or solutions?? If you see that it's just a promotion of fear - let that source go. Ever notice how most futuristic films show the destruction of man? Subconsciously those ideas create what we expect. So don't watch them - same with so much of the media nowadays. Unplug!

    Since the planet is awakening, their agendas are getting more aggressive as an attempt to retain control and power - but they can't stop the awakening of the planet. It is a choice in what we allow to influence us. That is where consciousness is so important. Since these realities are engineered to keep us in fear - Rise above them. Stop relinquishing control to the few.

    Become empowered, self-governing - don't look to politicians to fix our problems - it boils down to US as a society to become empowered and self-creating.

    As you raise your vibration, the fear subsides, because you realize - we have the power within us to change it all and will. As a global community - if we focus on the annihilation of mankind, the more that reality will become solidified. The more we focus on the potentials, of what we can truly achieve, the more our world will move in that vibration. Our thoughts are that powerful - they do create!

    The elite kept us ignorant of our own true abilities - because they knew if we learned of our true abilities, their agendas would no longer have an effect. Your consciousness will guide you to what is truth or not, have faith in your own inner guidance.

    There is an unprecedented opportunity taking place on this planet - that is taking place in the universe and effecting our planet. We are in the midst of a leap in our evolution. It's important to raise your level of consciousness, to cope with the change in energy shift. Supposedly, our planet is in the process of transitioning to a 5th dimension reality, those that cling to this 3D reality - will be 'left behind'. We can & others will is a choice though. What is your choice?

    "Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one". ~Marianne Williamson

    Sorry so long. lol