Sunday, July 29, 2012

UFO Appears Over London Olympics

This was benevolent. Not a blimp, not the product of the NWO, not any Project Bluebeam nonsense. Why would a secret psyop decide to "unveil" its fake UFO in the midst of smoke and explosions and loud noise so people were so distracted that they couldn't even see it while it unveiled itself? 

Trust me when I say if the secret government wanted to stage a false flag UFO invasion, they wouldn't need lasers to create the illusion in the sky. They already use real ones. 

There's a lot of talk about negative reptilians and grays manipulating people but please don't forget that there are a lot of benevolent beings as well. More than the negatives. Way more. The Universe is a creative force and light creates. Darkness cannot sustain itself unless it feeds off of a willing participant or a tricked one. You have free will. Please stop adhering to this dogmatic idea that a quarantine is still "on" and people are "forbidden" to come here unless they are negative. All bets are off now. This is the "endtimes" as written in the bible, but not The End, capital T, capital E. It is the end of the world
as we know it.  You brought that ship there just as much as the inhabitants decided to go there. It was co-creative as an idea and the ship decided to show up when enough people willed it silently (or not even conciously, necessarily.) 

Thoughts create reality. Be very careful of the reality you want. You will create it more and more now.


  1. In my last experience (7/11), abduction and being taken up. The beings that I encountered were very loving, more so than any I had had direct contact with in the past. They had been making telepathic contact with me for years but I got the impression they weren't here because one in particualar told me "hang on, Ray...I'm coming, tell them all I'm coming". This person was so loving and good, bringing such hope with his words. But the last time I was taken, they told me 2 things. "they're not going to be able to hide from you anymore" and "we're here now and we'll be watching over you". That's what they told me and I hope and pray that they do it for you to, I will tell them to.
    GOD bless you, Anya.

  2. It's funny that you are saying something happened to you on 7/11. That was a **very** strange day for me, energetically speaking. I think I may have been taken on the astral at any rate. Totally bizarro day. Well you are sweet, thank you for the kind words as well. I have seen them, however! Some of them at least! Not all the time, of course. Although it is unclear what side the ones I could see most recently were on. I am getting there is a shift in the "weather" so to speak. Things are happening... Blessings, Anya