Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Colorado Springs, Forest fires, Space Command, Me, and artificial telepathy

(Images of Waldo Canyon taken from cab while leaving Colorado for the airport, June 23rd, 2012. The fire had literally just broken out not 5 minutes prior to taking this photo. Note the eerie faces in the smoke and the white object to the right of the pole on the right- in both photos this object didn't move and I also didn't notice this object when I took the image.)

Interesting that I was literally just in Colorado Springs working on a missing person/likely cold case homicide the night supposedly also of the satanic bankster baby-eating rituals in Denver; the same night of the Summer Solstice (a very heavy ritual day). I did know NORAD was in that area, but I didn't realize Peterson AFB was also the HQ for Space Command. I know, I know, you'd think I'd be aware of this stuff by now given my experience with Space Command, but it's amazing the stuff that gets blocked. Basic things, sometimes. I do recall trying at times to find out where Space Command HQ was located and something would always keep me from looking for that- I would attempt to do a Google search and something would come over me and I would get distracted by design I suppose. So I guess that's been officially unblocked. Interesting as well that as I was literally leaving Colorado Springs on the 23rd, I was able to capture a very eerie image of the first fires in Waldo Canyon that later devastated the area.

I got approximately two bad hours of sleep the first night in town (the 21st)  and was not exactly fresh as a daisy the next day (psi attacks all night and extremely weird but unseen presences in my hotel room). Someone suggested to me that I was remote influenced or lured to be there around that time. It wouldn't surprise me. Let's just say my experiences with Colorado have been less than satisfying. The entire state is housed over an underground facility the likes of which you don't want to know about. (You who are uninvolved.) 

This blog is interesting.

Thanks to Haley Meijer Casbolt for pointing it out.There's also a who's who of guilty parties listed with their photos attached HERE so you can point them out in a lineup when the time comes to pay for their crimes against humanity. Of course there's a Bush family mafioso in there who's a heavy player as well as the other usual suspects in positions of power.

Make no mistake: the black cabal has been using this technology on the civilian populace for some time now. It is literally a virtual concentration camp they are putting you in if they use this on you. Of course they are using this tech on MILABs and other civilian guinea pigs like targeted individuals and the like and not "only" the military like they say they are, and of course this violates all kinds of laws and ethical considerations, but since when does the occult military cabal care about any of that?

"Perhaps one should begin by noting that Booz Allen Hamilton maintains an office at 121 S. Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO, and this office holds an $11 million contract with Peterson Air Force Base, headquarters of the U.S.A.F. Space Command." 

And Booz Allen's website with locations in many towns, apparently: 


  1. Hi Anya,

    Thank you again, for this interesting post. For the past three days, I have experienced many wonderful things, and your informational postings appear to have been a trigger. Please do not be alarmed at the picture, because it is a holographic insert to remind you of the duality of nature. Apparently, mankind's history is not as it appears, and in time, you will know many truths if you are willing to accept them. For now, please understand that there is light at the end of an apparently long line of darkness. Light (white) is information, and darkness (black) is lack of information. What you see as black might not be entirely black (if you search for truth), and white might contain some blackness (if you lack faith in yourself), like Yin and Yang. This correlates with the 0 and 1 inside a computer, which also contains memories and a processing chip (the two are connected).

    What humanity understand as the anti-Christ is really darkness due to lack of light or information, and what humanity knows about Christ is really information with apparent darkness or secrets. All this correlates with love (deep caring for all lifeforms because we are interrelated in this Web of life), because love allows for all possibilities in this Universe. Know that you can trust your emotions (or gut feelings), that you are always at the right place at the right time, and accept everything about yourself.

    People have been asking about the End times, and really, there is no death or end, because we all ask "why are we here?", "what is the purpose of life?", and "what is truth?" There is a saying about how there is no subjective consciousness, and yet consciousness is viewing itself. The Prime Creators, or what you call God, really just want to understand about themselves, because they have reached full completion. They returned to the Source, so to speak, and the Pleidians are here to bring light or return the information that was lost. Please do not get upset, because the Pleidians have known that all this will one day happen, that humans will recognize love, and ascend to Godhood.

  2. There is a Chinese story about a woman with a jealous husband, who suspected her of having extramarital affairs, and got angry. The woman replied with a negative, saying "just like pebbles in the sea on the beach, all will be revealed in the end." The questions you have been seeking about 12/21/2012, is really defined by the symbols of love, as symbolically viewed by twisting around the second 2 to form a heart shape. The one's on either side demonstrates the belief in parallel universes, and the 2012 shows the duality of 2-2. The 01 in 2012 signifies the 0-1 binary system, while "10" (2 in the decimal system), signifies the Second Coming and the beginning of a new era of consciousness.

    As you can see on Wikipedia about the Binary Numeral System (, 15 (F) denotes 1111, or a system full of light and knowing, while 16 (10), signifies completion and a new start, with the number 1 claiming to be a seeking of answers, or truth in darkness and confusion. Once light enters, there is no turning back. When there is no light however, the Earth is heading for destruction, and indeed, in a parallel Universe, that has happened.

    The Pleiadians have guided and assisted humanity, even when all appears lost and darkness reigns supreme. This is all part of the divine plan. As long as you seek truth, you will find light and love at the end of the tunnel. Please do not be alarmed, because there is love in humanity, and with love, humanity will be saved. Humanity has endured so much, and it is truly heartbreaking, yet despite everything, people find love.

    Everything in this life, and on this earth, has meaning. There is a higher purpose in all of humanity, and you just have to seek meaning by yourself. People go through a lot in life, and there are pitfalls, yet through everything, people live life with a gusto. The answers you seek are on Earth, and all will eventually be known, if you believe in yourself. Thank you.

    The following videos support this information:

    Pleidian Awakening message:

    Pleidian Message to Lizzies:

  3. I see this as a show of strength by the evil ones, they want to seem stronger than they are and to some that they have STOLEN control from, they can wield influence, unless you learn how to punish them, hurt them, make them FEEL the pain they have caused you. This is like a big mouthed douche bag in the bar that brags all night about his accomplishments and wealth but inside, you know he's a liar, sad and LONELY. Go back to HELL you worthless ones, you liars, you pigs in space, diseased lizards, DIE, the lot of you!

    "And the beast was wroth with anger for he knew his time was short."

    The next time satan seeks to remind you of your past, remind him of his FUTURE.

  4. It is so amazing how you are guided almost, well, I guess it would be sub-consciously by whatever/whoever, to be in the right place at the right time. Wow! Very beautiful sight!