Sunday, July 22, 2012

Continued analysis of what is happening in Colorado (Dark Knight Rises massacre in Aurora, Colorado/Dark Cabal Agenda)


To add to the growing list of events going on and the increasing fascination with the state of Colorado, one must seriously start to ask the question: "What's going on in Colorado?" 

I don't know if the timing of my visit there last month was geared towards some etheric or literal ritual and/or psychic facilitation of mind controlled slave James "Devil's Breath" Holmes in some kind of remote controlled thing myself (stranger things have happened), but I am willing to bet that there is some hidden connection between this tragic event in Aurora and the things that have happened and continue to happen in the state. 

It is strange how I am basically being hammered in the head lately with this info and it all seems to come from one place. So it wasn't that much of a surprise when the hammer hit the nail head once again. I also find it interesting that Holmes was a med student majoring in neuroscience at the University of Colorado (who had just last month dropped out) given the heavy role neuroscience plays in all of this.

So now that I have setup the current situation for you, I have decided to include an analysis of some of the occult machinations as well behind this very organized, very satanic false flag operation.

It's no surprise in retrospect that on June 21st you have the satanic rituals involving a baby being covered in gold and *sacrificed and eaten* by the 100 Illuminati banksters in attendance in Denver to usher in the Summer Solstice.

Then on the 23rd, you have the forest fires in Waldo Canyon 69 miles from where the sacrifice happened (Kabbalistic numerology breaks it down: 69 = 6+9= 3+3+3+3+3 (5 3s is significant as well as the number 5 again being the sign of the pentagram [heavily used in satanic ritual], the 3 is used in the illuminati many times over as a double 3, 33= 33 sections on the spinal column, the seat of energy activation in the body, the spine connects to all chakra points, the spine leads to the brain, also 33 degrees of masonry, etc).

"Coincidentally", June 21st is a 3 day (2+1=3) and June 23rd is a 5 day (2+3 = 5).

And now a ritual killing at a screening of the one film (Dark Knight Rising, in theater #9 at the Cineplex, actually) that I was just talking to my friend about as a public announcement that the Illuminati is "rising" or breaking down and leaving their posts. 

This was definitely orchestrated. Shocking for the uninitiated, but not, I suppose, if you know how to read signs and symbols. There is a very specific reason this film was chosen to accompany this horrific act in that it further drew attention to their "hiding-in-plain-sight"/"Have we got your attention now?" mentality/process/obligations. 

Astrologically there are some incredibly strange things happening as well: the Pleiadian alignment was on May 20th, the Summer Solstice happened on June 20th/21st and this happens on July 20th. 

Add to that the Columbine massacre happening 19 miles away from the Aurora massacre and happening on April 20th, *19*-99.
(99 = 3 3's + 3 3's.)

And finally, Holmes is 24. (2+4= 6, 2 3's.) I wouldn't be surprised if he is in his sixth or seventh month of being that age to boot. (6 +6= 12, 1+2= 3 or if in his seventh month of being 24, it would come out to the number 13 which is also significant for occult ritual purposes.)

As an endnote to the post, this fascinating astrology link was pointed out: 

Note the emphasis on Procyon, Sirius and Aldebaran, all involved with my story heavily through interactions, and with groups like the Vril Society and the Giza/Gizeh Intelligence. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are planets that are continually made in reference to Super soldiers astrology charts as well. Typically they tend to rule heavily. (And don't think the globalists haven't coordinated super soldiers and Monarch slaves astrology charts well before many of them are even born. Some have mentioned that labor was induced so they could be born under a different sign and some have been hand picked in no small part because of their astrological placement as well.)

I want to also add how strange it is that there are three media events that have held people's attention as of late- the divorce of Katie Holmes from Tom Cruise, the massacre, perpetrated (as far as we know) by James Holmes, and now as it has been brought to my attention, a woman by the name of Dame Kelly Holmes just was designated to carry the Olympic Torch on day *60* (3 and 3) of the torch relay. I really hope I am correct in my assessment that what I said in the Bases 15 interview remains the same (that no bomb and/or terrorist attack would go off at the Olympics, that an attempt had been thwarted by a "rebel faction" of uncompromised white hats inside black operations.) Of course I could be wrong. The date for the Opening Ceremony is July 27th (2 + 7 = 9, 3 3s.) 

(Thanks to Thomas Iskandar Voute for the information about Dame Kelly Holmes.)

Update: Just found out that Holmes's birthday is December 13 (any 13th day of the month is always a heavy ritual day) and that makes his sun sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by, surprise surprise, the planet Jupiter.


  1. Your analysis and breakdown of the information is pretty spot on, like 9/11 and all the other recent "terrorist" activity, it has the erie ring of planning from start to finish. Just splash in some zionist media and you have complete control of peoples minds. I want these people routed out, like a fire bomb in a den of snakes, I want them exposed and destroyed.

    One thing you haven't mentioned is the illumanati "godess" Aurora and her counter part, Columbia (starbuck). In a recent post to a group I'm part of on Facebook, someone posted a picture of this red headed demon.!/photo.php?fbid=10151933821220282&set=o.145898512113664&type=1&theater

    These are the two that these satanists are all about, in reality.

    In my post I wrote of her:
    This person is the subject of MANY illumanit movies. The 5th element, Brave (disney) the song by Train "Drops of Jupiter" is inspired by her, (Now that she's BACK in the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in her hair) that second line is about her red hair, from the "eye" of jupiter. In the movie City Slickers, there is a reference to her in the part where billy crystals char goes to help "curly" round up some lost cattle, the scene cuts in with billy saying "And then she's gonna get back on her spaceship and you're never going to see her again" to which Curly replies "Is she a red head?". This is rhetorical, of course, it's in reference to her. Make no mistake about how all these things are connected and what the illumanati refers to this is as "The great work"...and they aren't talking about Jesus either. Beware in these days."

    GOD bless you, Anya.

    1. Thank you, Ray! God bless you as well. I appreciate the comments.

  2. From USA TODAY:

    A gunman, who is in custody, stood at the front of the theater and fired into the crowd about 12:30 a.m. MT at a multiplex theater in a mall in Aurora, police said.

    Jessica Redfield (one of the victims) had been tweeting friends prior to the start of The Dark Knight Rises, her last post read:

    @jessespector MOVIE DOESN'T START FOR 20 MINUTES


    - Her final tweet has the number 20 in it.

    - The police state the event happened at approx. 12:30 (123)

    - Apollo 11 landed on July 20, the movie premiered on July 20, Kubrick was very specific, he wanted EYES WIDE SHUT to premiere on July 20.

    1. Wow... don't know what to say about that except time seems highly orchestrated lately.

  3. The TV schedule here in the UK states the kick off for the opening ceremony is 9pm (GMT) - another 3 3's for you!

  4. Aurora is the goddess of the dawn. There is a comicbook called Dawn. Here is a link to the wiki profile pic. No coincedences right?