Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Funny how this is the same actress in both movies, remembering Ruslana


  1. Those movies came out after that model died. I'm gonna look into that Rose of the World personality development cult place she went to months before her "suicide". Sounds mighty fishy to me.

    Hope you're still out there saving the planet. Lord knows she needs all the help she can get...

  2. Two films about women in dissociative states related to the sex industry (which strangely enough I've just watched both of these fairly recently), and the connection with Ruslana: that her self-destruct was triggered? Am I reading this correctly?

    Your posts are like an initiation into the right hemisphere. Or strike 'like' perhaps.

  3. She was killed by Russian/Ukrainian mobsters in the sex slave trade. She didn't do what they wanted her to do and she resisted strongly (reports were that two or three beefy men had been following her around for weeks trying to "reason" with her) so it was no skin off their back to get rid of her. Once you've been "propositioned" by two gigantic men named Boris in leather coats and you know what the deal is, you are worth more to them dead than alive. Birds sing sometimes. It wasn't a cult, it was the mob. Ben Murphy knows this.

    1. Although, admittedly, there can be occult leanings within those circles...