Friday, July 13, 2012

The Janus Group, psychic programming, and psychic killers


Some info about the nefarious, shadowy Janus Group. Possibly also related to my story as pertains to artificial telepathy, Illuminati R&D with nanites, the occult, etc., etc. :

More resources and data on Theta programming/psychic killers/Janus:

Having just been in the belly of the beast (Colorado Springs, home of NORAD, Space Command, etc), I thought this was also interesting:

"(NORAD is a main center for Alex and Janus end-timed programming.)"

It seems all roads lead to Colorado Springs when you are referring to the technology and occult relationship to mind control programming. If you haven't seen my blog post yet about my strange recent visit to Colorado, you can read it here:


  1. Hi Anya,

    Do you know about MBTI? It's Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI). I was able to see the purpose of life, that all humans are connected to the Family of Light, and it is just a matter of whether you believe it through the Power of Love. Thank you.

    For the past couple of days, my mind was in a jumble, and it is kind of like viewing myself in someway. Don't know if you are behind it, though it is like it is all in my head.

    There is a light in humanity, that creative spark, if you could only see it and feel it in the rich experience of life.

    Before, I identified my mother as ESTJ, and understood the connection we shared, yet our language was different. For one thing, she did not believe in psychic abilities, which given her other positive attributes, is fine. On the other hand, there are others with abilities, and they are "in the Know."

    If life is an illusion, and that is what one group of people want (SJ and SP), then so be it.

    You understand all this, if you know about Myers-Briggs, and can see the connection between Myers, someone part of knowing about MBTI, and Billy Meier, someone who was shown the Way.

    Unfortunately for Billy, people did not believe him. Yet, he himself knows the Truth, and also understands that one day, all will be revealed.

    You know the truth, and I can show you, though I think you understand.

    Myers-Briggs, does the Briggs ring a bell? It is like your name, Anya Briggs. You are truly enlightened, because there truly is a higher Purpose in Life, and it is you that must find it.

    Even though we are so far apart, yet you feel so close. Thank you for this interesting Experiment.

    Illuminati FreeMason, Third Rock from Sun.

    "Welcome to the Matrix."

    "White Bunny."

    "Over. Out."

    There truly is a Peleidian Connection:

    2/2 = <3

    *Signing out from a fellow INFJ

    Thank you. Eternally. Free.

    Experience of a Lifetime. Thank you.
    10 00 01

    N-T (T = Male)
    N-F (F = Female)

    NT NF, SJ SP




    -= *** =-

    Thank you.

  2. Found Happiness...

    "Taste to Believe"

    Discover the Tie that Binds



    Thank you.

    I believe in you, Anya. Even :)
    if we are separated by the Rubicon.

  3. Sorry if this sounds very emotional,

    except, the weight is so crushing it might break


    Please, even though we are very distant...

    Keep in mind that I believe in you...



    We are many, yet we are one...

    From a fellow INFJ.

    Pleidians+Ananaki = Herameki International Group

    Kid Kindle

    Go forth...please...over9000!... Creative Spirit... the Phoenix... 1001, 10,000

    Complete. Termination. Out.



    ... .......

  4. That's funny. I finally did the Briggs-Meyers (no relation to me as far as I know) test because so many people have mentioned it to me over the years and said I should do it and I was an INJF. Have you been hacking my hard drive without my permission? ;-) And further more, do I know you? Perhaps you were a client at one time, even? ;-)

  5. Don't really know what your intentions are if you are saying things like "White Bunny" and mention of the Freemasons, etc- you know White Bunny is a reference to Monarch programming, right? Just remember- just because you feel close to me doesn't mean I am close to you. And if you are scanning me, stop it at once. You are committing a violation.

    1. Amen, I thought the same shit you did when IU read that assholes post. I'm thinking "What the fuck is with this guy? 9/11, white rabbits? What an asshole.

    2. Ray, this guy is controlled by Chinese Intelligence and the Greys. Not the good kind, either. He's practically autistic as well if not already and may be a hybrid human ET clone. Interesting collaboration the Greys have with the Asians. It's a whole other world out there we don't know about, I suppose. His dad is Chinese intel as well. He found his way to me via Manchurian Candidate type programming. Has a self destruct button as well, I hope he doesn't use it and gets deprogrammed enough to find out safely what's happening. I wish him well.

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