Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The connection to James Holmes, The Joker, Michael Jackson's death, The Vril, Project Paperclip, The Knights Templar/Freemasonry, and satanic Scientology

The Rogues Gallery: 
Wow, the drapes really do match the carpet.

Apparently my assessments are not only correct about James Holmes (, they dip personally into my story as pertains to connections as well to the maidens of The Thule/Vril Society, my grandfather's involvement with treating (or rather, not treating) a Project Paperclip Nazi Scientist at Wright Patterson Air Force Base during World War 2, my psychic abilities and possible psychic cybernetic implants/programming, and even a confirmation of a mention, however coded, of the most famous Scientologist ever Tom Cruise and his wife Katie HOLMES divorce. (Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard's ONI background is deeply connected to the occult Satanic/Nazi/racialist/Masonic leanings to all of this Eugenicist New World Order agenda.)

And there's even a new-in-the-public-eye-but-not-behind-the-scenes group of alphabets who just can't get enough of this occult thing, the deeply science, research, and tech-embedded devotees of mind control in the honest-to-God, The-Outlaw-Jesse-James-funded, racist good old boy Knights Templar satanic network known as The Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC).

Prepare yourself, this article has more twists and turns and brilliant dot connections than the best summer reading page turner. Unfortunately, it's all true.  

Link to article HERE.

            By the way, the bet my money is on for one of the 21st century's top villains is by far Phillip Anschutz. 

  Someone write this guy into the next Bond flick, please!
Christopher Lee needs work!


  1. As a complete aside, I just looked at Christopher Lee's bio in Wikipedia and it appears he was step-cousins with Ian Flemming! 'Struth!

  2. Ian FLemming who wrote the character of Dr. No as a gray alien S'Truth!