Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Jewelry. Do you think it's too much?

(Woke up with these little gems this morning. I did *not* go to bed with that bruise. In fact, as I do every morning upon waking now, I was inspecting my arm for marks, did not see the bruise on my open forearm, then I looked again a second later and it was there. I honestly don't know how that happens.)

Yeah, that's what I thought too. 

I had a feeling last night that I was going to be abducted again, and then someone whom I couldn't see last night in my room startled me and started talking to me about being taken- I know who this person is- a black ops military guy with a "big mouth" and a "big walk" who is open about it, but I didn't like his attitude and his paranoia so I thought I'd just tell you about it a little more. 

I am sick of these vetting sessions and it's freaking my cat out. You know you owe him an apology for stepping on his tail/"accidentally" kicking him. He was completely upset today.

 It's just so tiring walking around Comic Con being stared at and never engaged with, so I thought I'd do a little pro-active engagement:

Hi. My name's Anya and I'm not your tool. Neither am I your little Necro-friend's/stooge whom you often follow around and/or are followed by/in tow with.

Thanks so much for your time! I'm in booth #9! 



  1. Anya, I just got done watching this and I think you'd get quite a bit of use from seeing it, too.


  2. Anya, Hugs to you putting up with the bullying. I'm visualizing us helping you out by blasting him off with a surge of positive energy around you and send him, with the rest for a "major time out" - with an apology to your cat-;).



    consider that if you stop taking out your vengeful angry-woman-past on poor james rink by getting so-called clone "samples" that he will stop beating you up in defense.

    1. I know this is a CIA front.

      Further more, you have the wrong person doing this. It's not Rink. Rink vastly overstates Rink's role in all of this "supersoldier" saga. He's a nice guy, but seriously overestimates his role in all of this. He can't help it. It's his mind control programming. But I know you can't help but spread disinfo in a pathetic attempt to re-write history. It's not working and is a colossal waste of time, however.

      You were "sent" to me as a tool of the NWO to try and "bring me down". Ain't gonna happen. Try again, black magician with an evil heart and an even blacker aural field. You're the one being used and set up to be a patsy, not me.

      Compassion? You have some seriously twisted ideas about compassion. People know this is a fake blog you and another have created and it is not the actual Former White Hat. No one's buying it.

      Thanks so much for your illogical, negative-NLP ruled psychotic speech designed to reprogram but it's not working. I know your Snake and snake-ruled relatives are watching this blog because they are scared to death, but your disinfo campaign is false.

      You've been trying this for some time and if you think others who have been unjustly slandered haven't noticed, you've got another thing coming. With your black heart, you have a long history of infiltration, compromising yourself and your ideals, and working behind the scenes to "destroy" people from within, and it's not working.

      Your family has disengaged themselves from you, your Mother no longer speaks out about your bad behavior because she is so ashamed of you she cries at night over the "bad" seed she gave birth to. Your Dad lies and denies. Your life is troubled, and you know it. You lash out about others who have "done things to you" but you know it's a scam. How long you can keep up with this and keep doing this sort of thing remains to be seen (not long) because your goal is nefarious and people see right through it.

      COINTELPRO says hi- there are people from within with military backgrounds who are working on something as we speak. Or as I type this rather. White hats within military intel who work beside Brothers. "Friends" shall we say.

      I wouldn't call what we are having a "dialogue" as this is an unequal balance between wholeness and suffering fools greatly. Ya dig?

      Take some responsibility for yourself if your mental problems allow it.